Netflix Coming To (US) PS3s?

Netflix appears to be courting PS3 owners, if this poll screengrab is to be believed.  “Imagine that, at as benefit to DVDs by mail, Netflex offers its members the ability to wa” says the screengrab.  We’ve always wanted the ability to “wa”.  Michael can “mo” but he can’t “wa”, despite repeated efforts every morning.  “There are no advertisements or trailers and movies start in as little as 30 seco”.  Secos?  What are they?  Seriously, if you’re going to do a screengrab, at least get the whole thing.

Whatever.  Here’s the skinny: Netflix want your $9.99, and in return they’ll send you a PS3 disk that’ll install a little widget that’ll let you download videos from their massive library.  The screengrab, such as it is, asks the user whether they’d be likely or not to take up this offer, suggesting that Netflex at least are hugely interested in delivering the service across all PS3 owners with a spare ten bucks.  Us?  We’ll have to make do with going to Blockbuster.  Are they still going, I can’t remember?


Via Engadget, Tips: Jimmy, CaptainMurdo, MisterDog