Free Realms Takes On NDS

It’s been a while since we took a look at Sony Online Entertainment’s free to play MMO, Free Realms. The game is one of three MMO’s in development by SOE for the PS3 & PC, the other two being DC Universe Online and The Agency. Free Realms for those that don’t know is a micro-payment free virtual 3d world aimed squarely at younger gamers. New details and footage show the game taking on the Nintendo DS at its own game, want to train a pet? fancy cooking a meal? or drive a kart? then forget the DS, Free Realms is the platform for you.

In the previous post I’d asked the question as to whether MMO’s could be made bite-sized enough to be suitable for hogging the main TV in the house, and the answer is a resounding yes. The mini games aspect will immediately familiar to anyone who has a NDS/DSi in their household, if you don’t believe me take a peek, at the party with friends trailer, become a chef, or the become a kart racer trailer below.

Official site & closed beta: Free Realms.