Uncharted 2 Beta Only From Play?

Original story: 30/04/09

Yes, everyone’s going to be buying inFamous because it’s a great game, no question about that. But if you were looking forward to having a dabble on the Uncharted 2 Beta then your buying options might well have just become quite limited. Play.com’s inFamous page appears to be claiming exclusivity on the Betas. “Pre-Order inFamous from Play.com and receive an exclusive code to access the ‘Uncharted 2: Among Thieves’ BETA,” says the site.

Confirmation of exactly how us Europeans were to get our hands on the Uncharted 2 Beta were sketchy at best, and this might just be clever wording to secure a few more pre-orders, but as it stands it appears that buying inFamous from Play is the only way to secure your copy of the Beyond Thieves multiplayer Beta. As ever, we’ll seek confirmation on this from Sony so don’t start rushing around in your underpants with your credit card between your teeth just yet.

Tip: Person678

Update: 01/05/09

Sony have just been in touch, we’ve been told that the Beta offer will be available from a number of “select online retailers” within the UK. So not just Play after all, then.