Savage Moon DLC Inbound

It’s late on a Saturday evening (technically Sunday morning), Football First has just finished and I’m trying to decide  whether to watch another match or to actually waggle some controllers to make the little white box that’s sitting under the TV a go. I’ll let you know.

Whilst I make such an important decision at such an early hour, lets bring you some news. The PSN-exclusive, tower defence game Savage Moon will receive an add-on pack in June. The first add-on pack, Waldgeist, will boost the game with six new levels, including new insect enemies, towers, alien vegetation and a new final mission.


The DLC will add Invisicytes (creatures that can be invisible to your defence towers), the Death Blossom Bug (big armoured beasts) and new Towers. Thanks to a reworking of the levels, players will also be able to replay the 12 existing levels of the game in new game modes. Fresh level data will introduce the add-on packs new Insectocytes and tower types in the older levels.

Off to watch another match.

Source: EL33Online; Tip: xzero1299-PR