Sony Paying Gamers To Play Games

The Japanese PlayStation website is offering an amazing deal for native PS3 and PSP owners: they’ll pay you to play their latest games and watch movies.  Seriously.  My Japanese is a little rusty, but it appears that lucky participants will be subject to the wonderful pleasure of playtesting unreleased games and then probed for feedback and analysis.  If playing these games sounds great enough to want to book a flight right now, you’ll also be paid for the pleasure.

For a couple of hours work you’ll be paid 2,500 Yen, whilst a full day bags you double that plus a free lunch.  They’re looking for gamers under the age of 20, to be based in Tokyo and have access to an email account.  Which sounds like most Japanese gamers, to us.  If you’re interested head on over to the PlayStation website and sign up – the deal runs until the 10th of May and if you’re a TSA regular we’d love to hear what you got to play, NDAs aside.


Via GAF.