Criterion Working On New Burnout?

Can you model worlds?  Can you? Well, if you can, head on over to this particular job posting, where it appears EA and Criterion are looking for someone to help out creating tracks for a future racing game, presumably under the Burnout banner.  “The role we are looking to fill,” says the application post, “is likely to involve mainly environment modelling initially but any applicant is more likely to be considered if they offer other skills and experience as well as proficiency in building game worlds.”

Seems par for the course, right?  But there’s this bit: “An artist who has experience modelling environments for racing games would be of particular interest to us. Experience with Photoshop is essential and Maya experience is preferred.”  So it’s almost certainly a job specifically for a racing game, rather than anything else Criterion are involved with (and thus not Black, for example).  Naturally we’ll be all over any new Burnout game like a rash, so here’s hoping we hear something about this in Los Angeles at E3 2009.

Source: Criterion