Criterion’s Alex Ward Says He’s “Not Doing Any” Racing Games Right Now

No Underground, no Need For Speed, No Black 2, No Income Tax, No VAT.

Criterion Countdown

Where’s Vorderman?

Burnout Team Working On Need For Speed

Criterion stick to what they’re good at.

Big Surf Island Announced

More premium DLC coming for everyone’s favourite open-world racer.

Criterion Working On New Burnout?

Job posting seems to suggest Criterion are looking at the next Burnout game.

Burnout 3D Baby

Déjà vu strikes as a story returns that is so good we’ll bring it to you twice.

Burnout Toy Cars, Incoming

Burnout Paradise updates just keep on coming, and coming…

TSA: Burnout Night

(Update2) Take me down to the paradise city, where the grass is green, and TSA hang out.

Burnout v1.70 Out Now

Burnout v1.70 is now live and brings with it legendary cars, ready for purchase later.

Burnout’s Legendary Trailers

Want to see what all four of the Legendary cars look like in action.

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