TSA: Burnout Night

In celebration of the Thursday’s Legendary Cars pack launch, and following on from the overwhelming success of the TSA Warhawk night, comes a Burnout meet up, and a chance to show off your new vehicles.

The nature of Burnout’s online play doesn’t lend itself to well to online mass meet ups like some other genres, so to make it an official TSA night it will have to be invite only and numbers will be strictly limited.


If you’re into Burnout, and you want to get some challenges done (no messing about doing takedowns or getting lost going from one side of the city to another),  then post below along with your PSN ID to let us know you want a piece of the action.

The organising of this isn’t going to simple so please only use this post to let us know if you’re in (and again if you later realise you can’t make it), we have an official Burnout thread in the forums for all chat and stuff.


Date: Thursday 19/02/09 (Tonight)
Time: 20:00 – 22:00 (UK time)

Update. Spaces on the TSA: Burnout Night are disappearing fast so if you want a piece of the action make sure you have got your name down. Likewise if you’ve posted but realise you can’t make it please post below because we want as many full 8 player lobbies as possible.

Hosts will be sending PSN friend requests out, it is critical that you accept the friend request at least a short time before the 8pm start.

Update2. There is now a list active in our forums of hosts and respective players, some housekeeping is required before you hit the streets of Paradise City.

Burnout will automatically update to v1.70 (133MB), it will probably be best to get this out the way ASAP
Hosts to send friend requests to players
Players to accept friend requests

Once this is out the way, then there shouldn’t be too many hold ups with getting stuck into the challenges and Trophy gathering. 

If you get lost – follow the others, if wonder what you should be doing – keep an eye on the ticker at the bottom of the screen, most challenges require all players to contribute, and there is a chance players may be kicked who fail to take contribute to the challenges.