TSA: Warhawk Night

Kicking off the new community section of TSA in style, with nothing other than an evening of Warhawk.

This first night’s gaming will be good old fashioned ‘Vanilla’ Warhawk, that is no expansions are required, just the original maps. In future we will have nights that require the expansions to make use of the extra maps and vehicles, and add a bit of variety.


Post below if you’re in, and in the mean time join in the Warhawk chat and stuff here.


Date: 17/02/09
Time: 21:00 (UK time)
Servers: thesixthaxis.com and thesixthaxis.com # 2
Password: The two servers won’t have password because they are ranked games.
Warhawk Packs Required: None.

Update: We currently only have the capacity to host up to 16 player games, therefore we may need another host.

If you have the capacity to host 12+, and can commit to not disconnecting for the duration of at least 1 full map rotation, then let us know on the forum.

Update2: The countdown is on, the hosting issues are sorted, there will be two servers live with a third on standby (details above), people who haven’t got their name down may be kicked when space becomes tight.

If both servers fill up, and you can’t get in just try again in case somebody drops out.