Need For Speed On Wii U To Be Visually Superior To PS3 And 360 Versions

According to Criterion’s Alex Ward, the upcoming Wii U version of Need For Speed: Most Wanted will be the superior console version, at least visually. For starters, it’s based on the PC version of the game, with the added RAM in Nintendo’s console resulting in better textures and assets, with improved lighting and draw distances.

The team apparently took a break after the other console versions, and came back to the Wii U iteration with a small team focused on Miiverse support (with the Autolog) and Off-TV Play, although there’s a option to use the GamePad as something of a cheat mode if required.

There’ll be a demo on the eShop soon, with the game expected in March.


  1. More of this, please. I know it’s kind of a stop-gap, power-wise, but the Wii U is a much more recent console so I’d like there to be some improvements in games like this, especially when they’ve got the PC versions to use as reference. It’s only got a few more months to be the newest console, it’d be nice to have some better looking games in that time :)

    • £300 quid for a “stop gap” console for the six months till next gen arrives, and even then the games on Wii are just rehashes fo stuff that has been out for 6 months.

      Sounds tempting! Where do I sign up? :)

      • Ah, it’s only a “stop-gap” generationally speaking. You’re paying the £300 for those new Mario games and the next Wii Sports, Fit, etc. games. If anyone buys a Wii U solely to play 3rd party multiplatform games on, they’re even more mental than someone who bought a PS3 for that reason ;)

  2. March 2014 :)

  3. Happy about this, but not so happy about the Wii U generally I know it’s a £300 Mario box but its weak spots are becoming more glaring.

  4. Awesome, I think I’ll get this version then since I missed the others.

  5. I’m glad that some devs go the extra mile and actually utilize the Wii U to the fullest. The hardware is superior to the PS3 and 360 so it only makes sense that this version is more advanced.

  6. I’m tempted to get this, even though I’ve had it on PS3, just so I can see a port that’s better on the Wii U! At least this is a positive headline about the plucky Nintendo machine as opposed to the rest of the week…

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