Criterion Countdown

We’ve known for around a year that Criterion’s next project is the next instalment of Need For Speed, a franchise which has had an identity crises in recent years lurching from street racing with a Hip-Hop vibe to an adrenaline fuelled arcade racer.

Today Criterion have replaced their usual homepage with a ‘mystery’ countdown, but  unlike an episode of 24 we believe this countdown isn’t a threat to national security, but instead when the name of the next Need For Speed will be revealed.


Normally countdowns and announcements of announcements are just an annoyance, but as Need For Speed has gone through a lot of changes recently the new name could give us a great insight into the gameplay. However, with Criterion at the helm we can be sure of two things a) It’s going to be fast and b) world class levels of vehicle damage, and if I was a betting man I’d have an each way bet on it being set in a destructible city, à la Split/Second and Motorstorm Apocalypse.

You have until Monday 10pm (UK time) to get your guesses in the comments below.



  1. Need for Speed: Jacked Up

    Criterion have dispensed with the racing genre and have gone down the Manhunt route where you mug people for money so you can score your next hit.

  2. Monday 10pm, isn’t that just after the Microsoft Press Conference?

    • Just checked. 10pm is the start of the EA press conference.

  3. Is there any news on NFS: World, their MMO game?
    Im sure having the the Burnout Dev’s will make this amazing, especially the crash physics.

    • It’s already out (or at least in open beta, I’ve got it). It’s pretty good!

  4. “two things a) It’s going to be fast and b) world class levels of vehicle damage, and if I was a betting man I’d have an each way bet on it being set in a destructible city, à la Split/Second and Motorstorm Apocalypse.”

    Sums up everything that is needed in the next car games…. anything less would not be worth playing…..

    lets hope they go back to the underground roots.!!

  5. My guess is – Need For Speed: Takedown (NFS:Takedown)
    Need For Speed: No Limits (NFS:No Limits) – (Heard it somewhere before o_0)
    Looking forward to Monday at 10:01

  6. Cant help but think this is a version of Burnout for Natal. Would certainly help with the launch for Microsoft having a great dev on board with a tweaked and updated version of Burnout available from day one!

    I remember one of the crash team podcasts featuring them playing with a Natal dev kit, that said they also alluded to a 3D version of the game in another podcast.

    I reckon its
    1) Burnout Natal
    2) 3D version of Burnout for PS3
    3) New Need for Speed called Need for Speed:Paradise

    Looks like Monday will be fun!

    • Burnout Paradise 3D exists for PC already, and they have had Burnout running in Natal.
      The reason Microsoft wanted a racing dev to get their hands on it was because nothing highlights controller lag more than a fast racer, so if they can get Burnout working then any game shouldn’t have lag problems.

      It would be interesting if 2 new versions of burnout were released but I think the deal with this countdown is NFS naming

  7. I’m hoping that the rumour they were working on a new SSX turns out to be true (despite their denials)

    • they can deny all they want, we really know what they mean ;D

  8. It’s defiantly the new Need for Speed game, which is due for Q4 2010 and the CR guys has been working on. On a interesting side note, a new Need for Speed game, with release 11 nov and name Hot Pursuit (properly just a filler) hast just appeared in Gamestop’s system.

  9. You mean when the name of “Need for Speed: Redline” is announced?

  10. As long as ther’s no slowdown or cars bouncing for no reason, it’ll be better than the last game.

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