Uncharted 2 Gameplay Footage

If there is any game that I would give my right testicle for, it’s Metal Gear Solid 4. I have an undying love for the game and I would be more than willing to make that sacrifice as a symbol of that love. However, if there was a game which I would give my left testicle for, it would definitely be Uncharted 2. Although, perhaps I would have to split it in half to share with Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time. I simply cannot choose between one or the other. However, no matter how many times my poor testicle must be split, the point remains. Uncharted 2 is one of my most highly anticipated titles of the year. If not ever, and following what we’re about to show you, it should be one of yours too.

You must understand that I have metaphorical kittens every time a new shot or trailer for the game is released. Imagine then, the litter of baby cats which were produced following my discovery of an action packed 5 minute gameplay trailer late last night. Some of what we see is the leaked gameplay footage from GDC, however, the sections sandwiching this are what we can really get excited about.

The opening seems to make a nice nod towards Naughty Dog’s own, original, Crash Bandicoot (Boulder Dash anyone?) and as the video progresses we get to witness a wonderful plethora of exciting new features such as the dynamic cover from knocked over tables and riot shields, the much hyped stealth/action gameplay, a new precision aiming system (a hint towards upgradable weapons?) and a look at the new enemy AI (Did you see the scouting, flanking and climbing going on there?). Also, just look at the level of detail in there. Animations, litter, dust, lighting, sound, everything!

Something to lose half your left testicle for? I think so!

Source: IGN