Torrn 22/05/09

Today is the first day of a new way of giving you Torrn. From this day forth Torrn cartoons will be based around a game from the PlayStation brand’s back-catalogue. Each day will be a different game and the first TSA user to post in the comments with the name of that game will get a fistful of TSA points for their efforts.

Andy has also jiggled the layout and design a bit to more closely fit with our overall look and feel of the site. I was just about to suggest that we redesign the site to look more like his cartoons but hey, he’s saved us the hassle!

Anyway, onward to todays hilarious episode.



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Torrn is a reader submission and is purely satire and parody. The characters and events depicted in Torrn are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The opinions expressed in Torrn may not represent those of TheSixthAxis.