Secret ‘BBC Game’ To Be Shown At E3

It’s a wee bit late for predictions, but BBC journalist Darren Waters is having not of it, and he’s even throwing in the old “secret BBC game” thing again. “A new PlayStation Portable is a certainty,” he says, “and one of the worst kept Sony secrets in recent years. The leaked specs, video footage and photos show a more genuinely handheld device, ditching the UMD drive and focusing on downloadable content. It looks like it is pitched squarely at the iPod touch and iPhone market.”

Trivial stuff, but he ends on a high: “I’m also led to believe that a game I was shown more than a year ago now, and got me quite excited, might, just might, be unveiled at this E3.”  Yes, it’s the return of the “BBC Game”.  “And I’ve also been told that the game has changed enormously since I first saw it…”  Lord only knows what this bloody game is, because a year on and we’re still none the wiser.  If it involves the Eyetoy or some kind of waggle we’ll be after you, Waters…

Tip: Carl