E3 2009

PS3 Exclusive Scoops Best Game Of E3

But the Xbox bags the best hardware award.

Tekken 6 Dated and Campaign Revealed

An arcade fighter with guns, multiple enemies and an open environment. Wait…

PS3 Motion Controller News Update

Voice recognition, force feedback and possible PS3 bundles abound for Sony’s new motion control technology.

Motion Control For People Who Play Games

We have heard all about the Wii & Natal, but the door is wide open for Sony to capitalise.

My Top Ten: E3 2009 Improvements

Time for another Top Ten, I’ve stuck with this weeks excellent TSA coverage for my theme though…

Milo: Mini-Man or Massive Myth?

All the attention has been directed at the Natal tech-demo from Lionhead and if claims are true it will be huge news.

Project Natal Deconstructed

Fun fact for the day: “Natal” is the Portguese word for Christmas. I don’t really like either…

UK PSPgo Pricing Revealed?

UK retailers now listing PSPgo for pre-order reveal pricing.

Picture Sharing Coming To PlayStation Home

Show the world your own pictures from within Home.

Inferno Pool Spreads To America

Tretton might have skipped over our inFamous review, but somebody loves us.

Preview: ModNation Racers

The future of PS3 racing isn’t Gran Turismo 5 after all.

E3 2009 – The Complete Round-Up

Our unprecedented E3 coverage continues, here’s everything so far.

E3 Press Conference on US Store

E3 presser and a special E3 edition of PULSE up on the US PSN Store.

Konami Bringing More Titles To The PS3

Konami has a couple more announcements left up its sleeve.

Final Fantasy VII Coming To EU Store

You read right and there’s not long to wait either.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising Now Officially On PS3

The Metal Gear Solid spin-off game officially comes to the PlayStation 3.

New Uncharted 2 Trailer

Get a glimpse of Nathan’s next adventure. It looks lovely.

SOCOM, inFamous Home Spaces Coming

Alongside Ghostbusters, Fight Night and Buzz!

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