Inferno Pool Spreads To America

Although we don’t yet have a specific date, wicked pool title Inferno Pool is on its way to the States. The game, which scored a 9/10 from TheSixthAxis, is already familiar with European PS3 gamers but will be lighting up the US Store soon, according to a press release from Dark Energy Digital.

The press release also contains choice quotes from a couple of the sites that have already fallen in love with the game, including your very own TheSixthAxis. “Whether or not you like and indeed play pool, this game will still provide you with an unrivalled amount of multiplayer mayhem and competitive fun” goes the quote from our review.

“The physics are spot on, the controls are super simple yet extremely satisfying and the framerate is consistently 60FPS,” says PushSquare, and PS3Attitude said “we have a feeling that, no matter what the social occasion in the future, Inferno Pool will be making an appearance. And we can’t think of a better recommendation than that.”

There’s a new trailer of the game, designed for E3, here. Read our in-depth interview with the developer here, and our full review here.