Happy New Year

Well, that’s 2013 out of the way. It was a huge year for gaming, with many superb games and two next generation consoles released making it one of the most important and busy for TSA yet. Millions of people read the thousands of articles we posted, and many more than any year before.

After the PlayStation 4 reveal in February, we knew that this was going to be a fantastic year in terms of gaming. We knew that the next generation was coming, and that much of the current generation news would slow down as we focused on what the new consoles would bring. It was a bit of a change, but a welcome and exciting one.

Change came for TSA too, just before the next generation posts really kicked into gear. This was perhaps the most important period of the year for TSA. As well as a complete site redesign, we had some staff changes as Alex stepped down from writing to work with the guys at Just Add Water, and Peter took some well deserved time off, with Stefan and I, along with Aran, Jim and Tuffcub taking over editorial duties.

It might not have been quite the same leap as next generation consoles – we’re sticking with what we’re good at and don’t come with better graphics or fancy camera arrays – but in the following months we all worked extremely hard to bring you editorial, opinion, news and video content every day.

And now that it’s 2014, that’s what we’re aiming to improve on even further, as our Game of the Year feature finishes today with the overall staff choice (can you guess what it is?) and we head back into our weekly features alongside another year of news and reviews.

Speaking of those games, you can expect to see a lot of new and exciting titles for both current and next generation consoles, as well as handheld and mobile. We’ve covered many of the currently announced games in our Ones To Watch feature, but as with every year there’ll be titles announced for an autumn or winter release in the coming months.

There’s some new community things on the horizon, which we’re aiming to keep a big focus on next year, as our community – new and old – is always at the heart of what we do. And with that…

Happy new year to you, and here’s to a fantastic 2014.



  1. Happy new year one and all. Hoping 2014 brings everything you could want (within reason).

  2. Happy New Year to everyone at TSA and all of the readers and contributors

  3. Happy New year to all. I get the kind of feeling were on a cusp of a wave of UBER-great games here. Also we’re in World Cup year, I’m getting quite excited for Japan this this year…

  4. Happy new year everyone. Hope its a good one

  5. Happy new year TSA! May the new year bring lots of great memories in gaming and otherwise.

  6. Happy new year lads! Let the new year bring with it good health, good fortune and most importantly good games!

  7. Happy New year everyone. I know this is gonna be another amazing year for TSA. I’m not a massive commenter but read a lot of articles and visit the site near enough daily. Hope with a new gen we will get the same quality articles as before.
    And hope this year I can become more involved with the community which started with most of my own friends being TSA friends.

  8. Happy new year back home! :)

  9. Happy New Year!

  10. Happy new year guys :)

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