Happy New Year from TheSixthAxis!

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Happy New Year!

2023 is consigned to the history books, and whether it was filled with doom and gloom or stuffed with life affirming highlights, we can all take a step into 2024 with some hope and optimism for the future. At the very least there’s some huge games coming down the pipe!

On the gaming front, 2023 felt like the year that we can finally put Covid-created delays to bed. There were blockbusting hits and major releases like Hogwarts Legacy, Starfield, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom all emerging from some hefty delays over the last few years, which had doubtless been impacted by the earlier part of the decade. OK, so there’s a few holdouts here, like Suicide Squad and Hellblade 2, but those are definitely coming out in 2024, right?

2023 also felt like this generation of console was really getting back on track, especially as Sony brought an end to their production limitations and basically just flooded the market with as much stock as possible. We even had some healthy competition on Black Friday for the first time in years!

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The PS5 has now raced to 50 million consoles sold by the end of the year – reportedly outselling Xbox Series by three-to-one – and we’re starting to hear some rumours of a PS5 Pro being in the works. There were definitely some big exclusives for PS5 owners, like Final Fantasy XVI and Spider-Man 2, not to mention the launch of PlayStation VR 2 at the start of the year, but it felt a little more muted compared to the wealth of riches that 2022’s exclusive line-up provided.

PS5 has really taken the reigns of console gaming, but Nintendo might have something to say about that in 2024 with the suspected reveal and possible release of a Nintendo Switch successor. With that in mind, 2023 was about as good a swansong as you could hope for, thanks to Tears of the Kingdom, Super Mario Wonder, Pikmin 4, Fire Emblem Engage, Super Mario RPG and Advance Wars remasters and more. Nintendo was dishing out great games at a fantastic clip (admittedly dredging up a good chunk of pre-Wii U back catalogue to help).

For Microsoft, it’s still all about the future. Starfield didn’t quite live up to expectations, while Forza Motorsport is a big foundational release of a racing game, and then there were the highs of Hi-Fi Rush against the mediocre lows of Redfall. Still, they managed to complete their ludicrously expensive Activision Blizzard acquisition, and there’s glimmers for 2024 with Obsidian and Ninja Theory expected to lead the way.

Unfortunately, the video games industry is not an island, and just as we’ve seen megalithic tech companies use slowing economies, high inflation and interest rates as an excuse to enact sweeping layoffs, game publishers have got in on the act as well. Embracer’s cavalcade of studio closures and layoffs has been particularly disappointing, as it came from them banking on a massive injection of funding that never came, but there’s also been the notable struggles of Bungie, Versus Evil shutting down, and more throughout 2023. Hopefully 2024 can feel much more steady for developers.

Oh, and even though we had Summer Games Fest pull off it’s ‘not-E3’ trick in the summer ahead of our annual pilgrimage to Gamescom, as well as shows like PAX, WASD and EGX all running successfully, E3 was cancelled yet again. And for good this time. 2023 was the year that a head of garlic was shoved in the mouth, the head cut off and a wooden stake run through the heart of what was once a massive focal point for the industry. There’s no evidence to suggest that Geoff Keighley did this himself, but he probably had a good chuckle about it.

All of which is to say that 2023, as with every year, had its ups, its downs and its sideways… es. 2024 will no doubt be the same, but we’re looking forward to it. With Prince of Persia, Tekken 8, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and more all coming out in January, it’s going to be a fast start for games.

And with that, it’s just left to me to wish you a very Happy New Year from the entire TSA team, to thank you for visiting our humble gaming site through the year, and to say we hope you’ll continue to join us for all your gaming news and reviews in 2024!

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    • Happy New Year to all gamers
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  2. Happy new year everyone!

  3. Happy new year everyone. Have had a cracking time with my ps5 and Portal this year. Hopefully 2024 has reaches the same highs

  4. Happy New Year all – have been coming to TSA for my gaming news and reviews since the early 2010s and will continue to do so into 2024. Thanks for great content, you all do a fantastic job!

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