Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League returns with a new story & gameplay deep dive

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With Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League getting close to its 2nd February 2024 release date, Rocksteady has kicked off a new video series to talk about the game, the first episode featuring around 20 minutes dedicated to the game’s story and gameplay. Has the hefty game delay helped to address some of the complaints from earlier this year?


This deep dive into the game has a lot of heavy lifting to do after the less than stellar reception to the last gameplay reveal. That gameplay reveal was criticised for how the characters had over-the-top movement for their traditional power set and skills, as well as the heavy reliance on big guns and ranged combat.

One of the first things this video shows is the cutscene during which the four acquire new and enhanced movement skills. Captain Boomerang grabs a Speedforce Gauntlet, Harley snags one of Batman’s flying machines and grappling hook, Deadshot a jetpack and King Shark a mystical leaping ability from a bowler hat. All of them have been pilfered from a museum dedicated to the Justice League and a convenient way to explain how they can all leap, dash and zip around the open world Metropolis as fast as they do.

They also explain the narrative reasoning behind the looter shooter tone and need to level and upgrade your gear. To be fair, you are trying to take down the Justice League and none of these four would be capable of this without some kind of advantage. Guns will be a core part of this game’s combat still, and you’ll be able to acquire some upgrades from The Penguin, who’s set up as an arms dealer in town.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that really addressed the critique of the game since its reveal, especially as live service elements will remain deeply ingrained into the game. It will still lean on various online action RPG systems, such as having cumulative gear scores, incremental character improvements through a menagerie of upgrades, a (free) battle pass, and other elements similar to games like Destiny 2 or the ill-fated Marvel’s Avengers. And again, comic book fans were less than enthralled by the shift to all four players toting big guns, even if they (like Captain Boomeraang) have trademark ranged weapons, or are best known for just smashing stuff, like King Shark. This video does at least show more of how ranged and melee combat are interwoven together.

The next video will be diving much deeper into the combat mechanics of the game, there will be more details on the RPG systems, so we’ll get a much better understanding then.

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