The Great TSA Poll: Let Us Know What You Want From The Site

Games media is changing. We’ve always tried to keep with current trends and give you, the community, what we think you’ve wanted to see over the years, but with the move towards video content becoming prevalent thanks to our always-recording devices and easy streaming, we’re constantly challenged and torn about what we should focus on, be it written text or moving pictures.

We want to do more. We’ve spent several years bringing you the best (or so we think) gaming news, reviews, opinion pieces, and community content around, and we’ve done this voluntarily around our day jobs, commitments, and spare time. But that means that competitions and contests aren’t as prevalent as they could be, video content is limited by what we can do, and while we think we’re doing enough, we’d like to give you more, or at least more of what you want.

So, we need to prioritise and since we’ve always been very community focused, we’d like you to tell us where to go from here, and where our main focuses should lie. So, we’ve put together a survey which we’d really like you to take the time to fill in, whether you’ve been here for five minutes or five years (although you’ll need to be signed up!). Thank you.

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  1. Done, nice one. Your biscuit selection is crap by the way, no Jammie dodgers, no bourbon creams, what is this?

    • Party Rings! Don’t judge me…

      • That’s what the “other” field is for. It’s better than trying to have an exhaustive list and then STILL have people complain about their favourite one missing…

      • Yes yes, but you’d think if you’re going to put 4 biscuits, it’d be the best 4 possible, not the worst 4!

    • To be fair Bourbons are pretty vile. I’ll give you Jammy Dodgers though :D

  2. You tease me with biscuits then don’t deliver! What is this nonsense.
    Seriously though guys keep up the great work. The site is great and I don’t think there will be any who disagree with that. Given that it’s all voluntary you are all doing a superb job.

    I’ve added my thoughts to the poll but frankly I don’t mind too much in which direction you decide to go i.e. more video, less words or vice versa. I think either way (or neither way) is less relevant than having a good base and community to support it which you definitely have.

    • One thing I would like to change is having editable comments. That lack of question mark is going to drive me mad now!

      • After completing the survey and having biscuits on the mind, I misread your comment thinking you were asking for edible comments.

  3. Custard creams, two at time, dunked in milk!

    • i’ve just done the survey and like previous comment think you’re doing a great job as it is. The only slight change that would suit me is to have a gaming podcast and a seperate podcast for comics/films etc. Hopefully that’s not too controversial. I appreciate that the logistics and expense might mean that this is not possible. That would suit me, there may be lots of listeners who enjoy the non gaming sections. I’ll be listening either way.

  4. Great as is, thanks.

    I like to “dip in” when it suits, which is usually when skiving at work & therefore video just doesn’t work for me. I have 2 young girls to tend to in the evening & then mum after they go to bed so really don’t have much in the way of spare time to watch then either.

    I’d rather turn the black box on & game when I do!

    • I’m the same minus the children.. Only really visit the site when I’m work, so videos are a no go until they sort out the closed captions, as YouTubes automatic subtitles are seriously bad. If a video just take my fancy that I use the “watch later” feature on youtube and watch it another time.

    • If there was a Like button for comments I would’ve liked this one. I feel exactly the same with the same situation!

  5. I like the site how it is (which is why I choose to come here over other sites) – I would just love to see more focus on the forums – trophy cards back, maybe even the leaderboads there too to encourage traffic.

    Perhaps it’s my age but I prefer text over videos as far as information and reviews (with supporting videos) are concerned, and would rather the site wasn’t more video-focused, although I appreciate that might be the way such media is going. There’s also the issue with streaming sometimes if my internet at work is being a bit rubbish.

    • Agreed. I’m not keen on more personality based stuff, just the facts & humour please!

      Now where are my slippers & pipe?

    • I agree about the forums.

      I don’t think it would be good for TSA to suddenly turn GameTrailers style and go video focused, but it would be good to have more video features along side the text articles. Rather strangely reading bores me a lot, even reading my own work bores me, but then I am a bit of a screen-medium fanatic.

      • I think what Tsa would do would be similar to Videogamer and maybe Eurogamer? They have lots of video content and articles but nothing like Gametrailers which is exclusively vids.

    • I agree about the videos, I rarely watch videos on any sites as I just enjoy reading & visualise what the game feels like in my head & I tend to find videos ruin the playing the game for the very first time experience.

    • Yeah, by all means make videos, but please have a transcript if it’s an interview, or a written article for preview/review etc…

  6. How about bringing back that thing where we get to know our fellow TSAers commenters. Can’t remember what it’s called but it used to be Sunday’s. Remastered edition of it

    • Yeah, that was a great feature – definitely due a return too since there must have been lots of new members since it disappeared.

      • Meet the reader? Noted :)

      • YES! What about, “Meet the Staff”? We seem to know little about you chaps (particularly a few of the newer writers).

      • We did that years ago, I’m not sure the staff has changed enough to warrant a new one – I think all the main people have already done it!

      • Ah fair enough.

      • If you check, Blair, I’m sure there’s at least three new people (or more) so even a mini-series (as it were) would be nice. Something to get us more familiar with the people writing the stuff we digest. :-)

    • Remastered edition?

      So ‘Meet The Reader: HD’?? ;)

      • Definitive Edition more like. I’m sure most people have changed appearance wise so it would be good

      • Hey! No HDing Meet the Reader without a large payment of biscuits to the handsome bloke that came up with the original idea? Which happens to me. So hand them over! ;)

        Joking aside, Meet The Reader:Redux would suit the site and i remember it being popular during it’s prime. It could alternate between new readers and guests that appeared on the feature before. It could be a spin off title Meet the Reader:Where are they now? Or Meet the Reader:rehashed. Something that is a common theme with remakes and can be applied to those who appeared on the original series. Oh and we must include microtransactions! Don’t ask why, we must! And trophies! And hard core Day 1 DLC!

  7. I’ve wanted to return to the forums but the way it functioned (and looked) has held me back. It’s the graphic designer in me. I just couldn’t stand it and it sounds so insignificant but the very fabric of my brain just tears in half with something I’ve loved so very much in the past.

    If anyone at TSA wants help with it in the future (assessing new forum-types/styles/etc) please give me a shout. Also, I can offer admin help (with the likes of Tef) if you need someone with hands-on experience. Done that before on a couple of popular forums.

    Other than that, top job, all! :-)

  8. Keep up the good work.
    I’m more happy with text over videos too, mainly because I visit the site throughout the day whilst I’m at work. I can get away with reading articles but watching videos all afternoon may be pushing it. Plus when I do get the opportunity to watch a video I normally have to watch with no sound.

  9. Just keep on keeping on with this great site ;)

  10. Fuck trends, do what you think is right. And Speculoos.

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