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Hello, and welcome to a brand new look for TheSixthAxis!

After many months of planning and experimenting, and longer than we anticipated in trying to implement things today, we’ve taken the first steps toward thoroughly overhauling our website with a new design that’s just a little bit more up to date.

We know that change is scary, and we liked a lot of the simplicity of old design and layout, so this first update retains as much of that overall feel as possible. You’ll still find a list of news articles down the left hand side of the home page, with a grid of features on the right, but you’ll also see how we want to diversify our content with dedicated blocks for videos and previews as you scroll further down. This is just the first step, as this new theme lays the foundations for future changes and updates to how we deliver our writing and content to you, but more importantly, how you can get to the gaming news and features that matter to you.

One thing that we’ve always held dear is our community, but the forums have been a home to tumbleweed for quite some time now as people moved on to Twitter. With that in mind, we’re opening a Discord channel for general community chat, which you can find here.

While we hope you like the new design, we’re also eager to hear your thoughts on the new look whether it’s good and bad, bugs big or small – don’t worry about holding back, we’re an old site so there will be teething problems! – and will use that feedback to shape where we go next with our plans.

Thanks to David and his team at MCA for getting us up and running!

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  1. Loving the new look and excited to see what new features are in the pipeline!

  2. Site looks great :)

  3. Looks good and not a radical change. Much better than some other sites’ redesigns over the last few years, which just make huge areas for blank space or banner ads.

  4. Looks great :)

  5. Humph, still no dedicated section for Improbable Boobs. Rubbish.

  6. I didn’t like it at first (change… boo!) but I actually prefer it this way now. Very swish ;)

  7. Very stylish and professional :)
    It’ll take some time for me to get used to it as I am not a big fan of change…. but I’ll get round to it.

  8. Now you’ve done everything, there’s just 1 thing I’m not so keen on.

    Comments are almost turning into a big wall of text. It’s very nearly there, but a couple of tweaks would make it much more readable. Lines are probably about 30% too long (depends on screen resolution, obviously), and a few extra pixels between comments would be nice. Maybe indent the nested comments a bit more too.

    Or is it a cunning plan to try and stop us posting ridiculously long comments? Some of us like to do that ;)

    • Yeah, the first reply to a comment could be indented and the width adjusted for better readability.

      • The width is fine on a phone. On a proper PC, it’s a bit long. 100+ characters per line in a comment? That’s about 50 to 100% more than generally accepted as best for readability. (Around 50-75 characters, or I guess about 10-15 words)

        It looks a lot better if hit Ctrl and + once or twice. 110% size for the main text, and 125% for the comments. I could probably convince myself either way on the need for a bit of extra space between comments. A line break after the “Reply” link may or may not be a good idea.

        You are, of course, free to ignore my suggestions, safe in the knowledge that it’s a good design anyway. Nice and clean with a surprising amount squeezed in without looking like you’ve tried to cram too much in.

  9. very nice look guys ?

  10. I like the layout, although I find the background shade of grey a bit too bright.

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