E3 2009

FF XIV Isn’t Exclusive At All

Xbox 360 version a real possibility, according to Square Enix.

PSP Puzzle Solved

Mysterious games finally detailed. New Fat Princess PSP information, Everybody’s Tennis and the game that uses a camera…

New Heavy Rain Trailer

Murder, Underwear, Desks and more in the new trailer for the PS3 exclusive.

Buzz! Quiz World Shown At E3

It’s yet another Buzz! game, but this has some rather nice new features.

Echochrono/Replay Revealed For PSP

A spin-off title from the mind-bending Echochrome PS3 game.

TSA Podcast: E3 Special

Recorded straight after the Sony E3 Conference, this is fanboy heaven.

The Last Guardian Was The ‘BBC Game’

Darren Waters alludes that Project Trico was ‘that’ game.

PSN Store Update: 03/06/09

The European and US Stores get their E3 update in timely fashion.

E3 Round Up: Day Two

Everything we covered from the second day, including ‘that’ press conference.

Lost Planet 2 Announced for PS3

It’s time to shoot the orange weak spot again!

Playstation Motion Controller Unveiled

The Playstation gets a cross between Wii Motion+ and Project Natal. It’s also very good.

PSP Go’s Mysterious New Games

Trailer shows off several un-announced new PSP games, but what are they?

Trophies Coming To The PSP?

Could you be getting your trophy kick on the go with the new PSP? Let the rumours commence.

The Last Guardian Revealed

Team ICO’s next project is renamed and the previously leaked footage is revamped. Lovely. Now when’s it out?!

Gran Turismo 5 Trailer Shown

But what does it all mean? With no formal details revealed, we take an in-depth look at the video.

Sony E3 2009 Conference Round Up

This is the one we’ve all been waiting for. Was this Sony’s E3? Yes it was.

TSA Cry Like ManBabies

During Sony’s E3 we sat on Skype. Here’s the transcript…