TSA Cry Like ManBabies

You have to admit, that was astonishing, and whilst I was braving the LiveBlog, Peter, Liam, Murdo, Chris, David, Nick, Greg and Lorcan sat discussing the event. What follows is excerpts from the raw transcript – be warned, it’s not pleasant and certainly not for sensitive eyes, but it’s damned funny…

Warming Up…

[18:59:44] Murdo Connochie: im not going to tweet just watch
[18:59:52] Lorcan Steve Henry: sanme
[19:00:03] colossalblue: I’ll be mostly absent too, making notes
[19:00:12] David Howard: Ah housemates are loud
[19:00:13] colossalblue: but I’ll crib off what all you lot are saying too :)
[19:00:15] David Howard: Bastards
[19:00:32] Murdo Connochie: awesome, im excited!
[19:00:47] Chris Clarke: I just now my missus is going to want me to do something I should have done earlier
[19:01:03] Nick Gresham: lol
[19:01:12] Murdo Connochie: anyone live yet
[19:01:15] David Howard: nup
[19:01:20] Liam Bull: nope

On picking a stream…

[19:01:59] colossalblue: by christ IGN is ugly
[19:03:38] Nick Gresham: Gamespot does nothing for me. It’s better than watching the Ubi show tho.

On last minute tips…

[19:05:58] David Howard: baconsarnie tweeted: Rumour going around that Mass Effect could be announced on PS3 tonight.
[19:06:07] colossalblue: that’s my rumour!
[19:06:11] colossalblue: fuckers

On The Start…

[19:09:50] David Howard: It’s time!
[19:09:51] colossalblue: fucking IGN shower of cunts just crashed my browser with their vid player!
[19:09:52] Nick Gresham: @Davs me
[19:09:53] Murdo Connochie: time now!
[19:10:01] Lorcan Steve Henry: oooh!
[19:10:05] Nick Gresham: Woop Woop!

On Jack’s Entrance…

[19:13:34] David Howard: HAHA
[19:13:40] David Howard: great joke about leaked info
[19:13:48] Lorcan Steve Henry: haha!
[19:13:50] Murdo Connochie: i like him
[19:13:57] David Howard: great way to put a spin on that
[19:14:02] Greg Aldridge: he needs that ninty pulse monitor
[19:14:08] David Howard: lol

On Rock Band Beatles…

[19:16:28] Murdo Connochie: testicle time lorcan

On Priorities…

[19:19:08] Chris Clarke: Right, just back from cows pushing through a fence… fuckign bastard things, my feed is too jerky to watch
[19:19:10] colossalblue: can someone try to screenshot that PS3 logo that keeps popping up for me?

On inFamous…

[19:19:35] David Howard: infamous
[19:19:49] Nick Gresham: not TSA :P
[19:19:51] Murdo Connochie: tsa wasnt mentioned lol
[19:20:03] David Howard: lol
[19:20:06] David Howard: i do disagree with tsa review
[19:20:09] Chris Clarke: my feed is shit! fuck this
[19:20:10] David Howard: it’s an 8/9 for me

On Uncharted 2…

[19:22:57] David Howard: intense!
[19:23:13] Nick Gresham: This is amazing!
[19:23:21] Chris Clarke: From the series of ‘still’ I see this looks like the est graphics on a console
[19:23:28] David Howard: amazing
[19:23:36] Nick Gresham: By far!
[19:23:39] Greg Aldridge: drake vs gunship. don’t fancy the gunship’s chances.
[19:23:57] Murdo Connochie: nice fluid quicktime there
[19:24:01] David Howard: cover system is lovely
[19:24:26] Chris Clarke: mies like wating a ppt presentation of slides… c’mon internet do your stuff!!!!
[19:24:39] Lorcan Steve Henry: it’s so laggy right now
[19:24:42] Murdo Connochie: its cause you live on a farm
[19:24:47] David Howard: mines like butter
[19:24:47] Nick Gresham: Sorry bout that cc
[19:25:00] Nick Gresham: Davs is hogging
[19:25:08] Greg Aldridge: justin holding up okay here
[19:25:08] David Howard: their destroying the building!
[19:25:12] David Howard: OMG!
[19:25:20] Nick Gresham: Oh crap. That’s soooo cool
[19:25:22] Lorcan Steve Henry: wow!
[19:25:28] David Howard: holy cow!
[19:25:32] David Howard: that was incredible!
[19:25:35] Greg Aldridge: f’ing hell!!!
[19:25:36] Chris Clarke: seriously this is one awesome slideshow, I bet it looks good in motion
[19:25:38] Murdo Connochie: tags review copy ;)

On Mag…

[19:29:07] David Howard: looks lovely
[19:29:28] Greg Aldridge: ign running about a minute behind justin
[19:29:37] Murdo Connochie: xp points for kills
[19:29:55] Chris Clarke: I’ll take caps lock off now soz
[19:29:57] David Howard: xp for actions taken objective based
[19:30:00] Nick Gresham: lol
[19:30:27] Nick Gresham: Yeah, they’ve got the xp tied to team work very nicely
[19:30:54] David Howard: reposition spawn points
[19:31:00] Greg Aldridge: helicopter respawn points, great idea
[19:31:07] Murdo Connochie: whats the white cirlce appearing
[19:31:15] David Howard: sound location
[19:31:31] Nick Gresham: where gunfire is being heard I guess
[19:31:34] colossalblue: That looks fucking amazing.
[19:31:46] Murdo Connochie: massive TSA clan!
[19:31:52] David Howard: looks ace
[19:32:12] David Howard: this fall!
[19:32:15] Greg Aldridge: way better than i expected

On PSPgo…

[19:35:47] Murdo Connochie: it is psp go time
[19:36:04] Chris Clarke: Bye bye UMD?
[19:36:09] Greg Aldridge: he means re-introduce for those who met it at the weekend :)
[19:36:13] Nick Gresham: No.Way.
[19:36:19] David Howard: PSP GO
[19:36:20] Murdo Connochie: a white one!
[19:36:26] David Howard: no umd
[19:36:35] Nick Gresham: Want the white one
[19:36:40] Nick Gresham: Nice DnB
[19:36:41] Murdo Connochie: haha
[19:36:46] Chris Clarke: Noooooo! no 2nd analogue
[19:36:47] David Howard: calls it the worst kept secret of e3
[19:36:51] David Howard: psp go
[19:37:04] Lorcan Steve Henry: No second nub
[19:37:07] Greg Aldridge: still got horrible cramping ergonomics
[19:37:11] Chris Clarke: just in case the early stuff was a red herring
[19:37:23] Greg Aldridge: naff looking start/select buttons
[19:37:28] Chris Clarke: that looks the most cramp inducing thing I’ve ever seen
[19:37:29] David Howard: i think it looks lovely
[19:37:30] David Howard: lol
[19:37:33] Nick Gresham: Ohh there’s your clock
[19:37:42] David Howard: 16gb of memory
[19:37:51] Greg Aldridge: wi-fi
[19:37:55] Lorcan Steve Henry: They’re gonna need a big battery icon to cover that clock
[19:38:02] David Howard: bluetooth
[19:38:07] Greg Aldridge: lol @lorcan
[19:38:09] Nick Gresham: It’s mini
[19:38:20] David Howard: PSP slim effectivlely?
[19:38:31] Chris Clarke: *sigh* another media manager
[19:38:38] David Howard: media go
[19:38:45] Chris Clarke: media fuck off
[19:38:49] Greg Aldridge: bye bye media manager. thank god
[19:39:13] Nick Gresham: Sense me
[19:39:31] Chris Clarke: sense me is already in Sony phones I think… yes it is their Walkman ones
[19:39:44] Greg Aldridge: got sense me on my walkman phone software already
[19:40:08] David Howard: 80% reduction of devkits
[19:40:10] Murdo Connochie: moochy could start on psp games
[19:40:10] David Howard: holy hell!
[19:40:18] Nick Gresham: No touch screen :(
[19:40:21] Lorcan Steve Henry: reduction in devkits to rival app store
[19:40:44] David Howard: still selling umd
[19:40:46] Greg Aldridge: retailers only half pissed off
[19:40:52] Nick Gresham: lol
[19:41:15] David Howard: same price of psp
[19:41:25] Greg Aldridge: and by the way… e3 bingo hit!
[19:41:31] Nick Gresham: damn the conversion rate.
[19:41:31] David Howard: oct
[19:41:37] David Howard: i will be getting one then


[19:43:28] Greg Aldridge: if he mentions gt5, e3 bingo hit!
[19:43:33] David Howard: please do
[19:43:34] David Howard: lol
[19:43:41] David Howard: translator
[19:43:47] David Howard: GT PSP
[19:43:59] Murdo Connochie: haha notepad
[19:44:00] Nick Gresham: He’s cheating
[19:44:05] Greg Aldridge: translator with notebook! wtf!
[19:44:09] David Howard: he seems well nervous
[19:44:14] Nick Gresham: Man it’s tiny!
[19:44:23] David Howard: amazing portable device
[19:44:34] Nick Gresham: 60fps!
[19:44:38] David Howard: actually pocket size
[19:44:44] Lorcan Steve Henry: so laggy right now
[19:44:55] Greg Aldridge: gt on psp, e3 bingo hit!
[19:45:00] David Howard: 800 cars
[19:45:05] David Howard: 35 tracks
[19:45:05] Nick Gresham: 880 cars 35 tracks
[19:45:09] Nick Gresham: :P
[19:45:11] David Howard: 60 variations of those track
[19:45:13] David Howard: holy cow!
[19:45:17] Greg Aldridge: take that forza 3
[19:45:25] Murdo Connochie: i love sony!

On Metal Gear Solid PSP…

[19:51:36] Chris Clarke: TSA FTW!
[19:51:38] David Howard: he is so cool lol
[19:51:40] Greg Aldridge: this guy don’t need no notepad
[19:51:48] Nick Gresham: Leaked. Boo
[19:51:49] David Howard: peace walker
[19:52:00] Nick Gresham: 10yrs after MGS3
[19:52:02] David Howard: 10 yrs after MGS3
[19:52:04] Nick Gresham: 1970s
[19:52:09] David Howard: true sequel
[19:52:21] Murdo Connochie: suck it xbox
[19:52:29] Nick Gresham: You know he’s gonna show us something
[19:52:35] David Howard: kojima involved!
[19:52:37] David Howard: yes!
[19:52:38] Lorcan Steve Henry: Ok, I’ve gone into the office to leech mam and dads good internet
[19:52:41] Chris Clarke: I wanna see some thing for PS3 though
[19:52:50] Greg Aldridge: not spin off or side story
[19:52:52] Nick Gresham: You wil…
[19:53:00] colossalblue: he’s pissing on the MS appearance isn’t he?

On Home…

[20:06:48] Nick Gresham: Home VT
[20:06:55] David Howard: YAY VT!
[20:06:56] David Howard: lol
[20:06:59] Nick Gresham: Old one
[20:07:04] Murdo Connochie: running man bets?
[20:07:10] Nick Gresham: I’m in
[20:07:34] Murdo Connochie: seen this
[20:07:36] Nick Gresham: £5 on the guy with the piercings
[20:07:47] Greg Aldridge: glitchers yay!
[20:07:59] David Howard: chun-li cant bowl for shit
[20:08:06] Nick Gresham: lol
[20:08:22] Greg Aldridge: she can play chess tho
[20:08:37] Greg Aldridge: running chun#li
[20:08:47] Murdo Connochie: nick you owe me a fiver
[20:08:54] Nick Gresham: :P
[20:09:02] David Howard: you owe us all a fiver :P
[20:09:05] Nick Gresham: Firmwary
[20:09:07] David Howard: ps3
[20:09:12] Greg Aldridge: i’ll settle for a pint. :)
[20:09:14] Murdo Connochie: is he really mr t

On Agent…

[20:14:26] Nick Gresham: Agent
[20:14:34] Nick Gresham: Exclusive

On Assassin’s Creed 2…

[20:16:07] Nick Gresham: Al’s post was wrong :P
[20:16:32] Nick Gresham: Italian Renessance (sp?)
[20:16:44] David Howard: graphics are insane!
[20:16:57] Chris Clarke: gameplay footage…yey
[20:17:21] Chris Clarke: foooking awesome
[20:17:32] David Howard: da vinci
[20:17:36] Murdo Connochie: going to need to watch the footage later
[20:17:53] Lorcan Steve Henry: games are enjoying the whole pull the guy off the ledge thing, Uncharted, this and splinter cell
[20:17:54] Greg Aldridge: altair flies!
[20:18:00] David Howard: water looks amazing
[20:18:04] David Howard: its not altair
[20:18:21] Greg Aldridge: uses thermals off fires!
[20:18:34] Chris Clarke: day 1 purchase
[20:18:51] Nick Gresham: For shizzle
[20:18:54] David Howard: looks so good
[20:19:08] Murdo Connochie: woah!
[20:19:13] David Howard: more kill techniques
[20:19:21] Greg Aldridge: okay, eizo, i forgot
[20:19:23] Nick Gresham: yeah. Double take down
[20:19:24] Lorcan Steve Henry: it’s another of those conveniently placed haystacks
[20:19:29] Chris Clarke: 2 thingys
[20:20:00] Lorcan Steve Henry: interconnectivity between PSP and PS3!
[20:20:05] Nick Gresham: Connection with the PSP
[20:20:07] Nick Gresham: Cool

On Final Fantasy 14…

[20:25:42] Lorcan Steve Henry: FF XIV!
[20:25:46] Lorcan Steve Henry: EXCLUSIVE!
[20:25:46] Murdo Connochie: wtf
[20:25:48] Lorcan Steve Henry: what?!
[20:25:53] David Howard: what?
[20:25:58] Lorcan Steve Henry: 2010?
[20:25:59] Murdo Connochie: yas! go sony!
[20:26:00] Nick Gresham: FFXIV! Exclusive!
[20:26:04] Nick Gresham: HAHAHAHA
[20:26:08] David Howard: OMG! WHAT THE HELL!
[20:26:12] Greg Aldridge: 14!!!!!
[20:26:15] David Howard: holy fuck!
[20:26:19] Greg Aldridge: exclusive!!!!
[20:26:20] David Howard: in 2010?
[20:26:21] David Howard: what
[20:26:21] David Howard: omg
[20:26:26] David Howard: seriously what?
[20:26:32] Greg Aldridge: ms just got pwned!
[20:26:33] Murdo Connochie: im so happy!
[20:26:35] Lorcan Steve Henry: wow!
[20:26:37] colossalblue: timed “when it launches”
[20:26:41] Lorcan Steve Henry: NOBODY expected that!
[20:26:44] David Howard: fucking hell!!
[20:26:47] Murdo Connochie: which testicle do they want
[20:27:09] David Howard: ooo love the difference in style from 13
[20:27:17] Lorcan Steve Henry: online?
[20:27:27] Murdo Connochie: online!
[20:27:33] David Howard: online would be huge!
[20:27:39] Nick Gresham: Wow!
[20:27:44] Murdo Connochie: al says theres a new store layout
[20:27:44] Greg Aldridge: putting the fantasy back into final fantasy!
[20:27:53] David Howard: HOLY MOTHER!
[20:27:56] Chris Clarke: my god e3 is all Sony’s
[20:28:09] David Howard: Sony have raped MS!
[20:28:10] colossalblue: What. The. Fuck.
[20:28:18] Murdo Connochie: motion control
[20:28:19] Nick Gresham: lol
[20:28:37] Chris Clarke: I am so happy right now… 425quid bargain

On “The Wand”…

[20:29:51] Nick Gresham: Dildo jokes are a go!
[20:30:06] David Howard: won’t look like that
[20:30:09] Chris Clarke: looks a bit cheap for a sony product
[20:30:20] David Howard: engineering prototype
[20:30:24] David Howard: won’t look like that
[20:30:25] Nick Gresham: Live Tech demo. No footage
[20:30:46] Murdo Connochie: pretty cool
[20:30:48] Greg Aldridge: ‘nother dig at ms
[20:31:05] David Howard: 1:1
[20:31:14] David Howard: works with PSEYE
[20:31:18] Chris Clarke: amazingly precise
[20:31:36] David Howard: lol
[20:31:58] David Howard: haha
[20:32:10] Nick Gresham: Much more accurate that anything else.
[20:32:17] David Howard: amazing for kids?
[20:32:18] Lorcan Steve Henry: haha! This is actually pretty good!
[20:32:21] Nick Gresham: lol
[20:32:37] Chris Clarke: wow
[20:32:37] David Howard: it’s actually funny as well
[20:32:38] David Howard: lol
[20:32:47] David Howard: 3d pointing
[20:33:11] Chris Clarke: jesus christ, can’t see ’em making a game out of it for a while
[20:33:37] Lorcan Steve Henry: haha, more digs at ms
[20:33:45] Nick Gresham: FPS stuff is great
[20:33:45] David Howard: lol
[20:34:04] Chris Clarke: imagine Fruit with it in Helghan
[20:34:10] Nick Gresham: lol
[20:34:18] David Howard: wow
[20:34:32] David Howard: mix this with LBP…
[20:34:41] Lorcan Steve Henry: wow! good writing!
[20:35:02] Chris Clarke: hope this is all over the bbc tmrw, like MS was today
[20:35:05] David Howard: very nice
[20:35:08] Nick Gresham: Drawing! Pisses on MS’s piant bollox
[20:35:10] Lorcan Steve Henry: Natal might be controller free, but I think Sony have this one
[20:35:12] David Howard: we shud submit it to them
[20:35:28] Greg Aldridge: I. Am. Stunned.
[20:35:30] Lorcan Steve Henry: in the end, a controller is better
[20:35:38] David Howard: thesixthaxis: Yeah, this is clearly way ahead of the tech Microsoft had yesterday. It looks incredibly accurate and really quite cool. Disappointment at first, but we’re now really impressed.
[20:35:51] colossalblue: this is awesome tech
[20:36:08] Chris Clarke: paint stuff too, funny
[20:36:38] Nick Gresham: RTS stuff is great too
[20:36:38] David Howard: i would actually use this…
[20:36:43] Greg Aldridge: rts!!!!
[20:36:47] David Howard: you don’t have to act like a twat
[20:37:12] Nick Gresham: Ooo Character control
[20:37:24] Chris Clarke: this is that 2 y.o. tank tech X 10
[20:37:32] Nick Gresham: lol
[20:38:19] Lorcan Steve Henry: am I . . . excited for . . . motion sencing?
[20:38:22] Lorcan Steve Henry: what is this!?
[20:38:28] colossalblue: This is bigger than anything MS or ninty showed. fucking awesome
[20:38:36] Nick Gresham: WIN!
[20:38:39] Chris Clarke: This is the most amazing tech I’ve ever seen, and I mean ever
[20:38:49] Nick Gresham: Ohh archery!
[20:38:57] Nick Gresham: Very nice
[20:39:26] Nick Gresham: Good shot!
[20:39:44] Greg Aldridge: WiiMotion++
[20:39:45] Chris Clarke: fuck Wii plus!
[20:39:46] Murdo Connochie: can you run though
[20:40:24] David Howard: what!
[20:40:27] Nick Gresham: Spring 2010
[20:40:31] David Howard: launch in spring 2010!
[20:40:31] Nick Gresham: Awesome!

On ModNation Racers…

[20:41:59] David Howard: ModNation Racers
[20:42:26] Murdo Connochie: not heard the jaw game yet
[20:42:39] Nick Gresham: or the beeb game.
[20:42:43] Lorcan Steve Henry: I love creating race tracks!
[20:43:01] colossalblue: I need a pee. Fuck.
[20:43:10] Nick Gresham: Kid Robot!
[20:43:18] Lorcan Steve Henry: I had a notepad when I was little and designed my own kart racer. I had characters, tracks and everything!
[20:43:20] David Howard: lovely style
[20:43:28] Chris Clarke: perhaps the beeb games was the motion control
[20:43:29] Lorcan Steve Henry: im guessing you can create tracks
[20:44:33] David Howard: how will it race?
[20:44:43] Nick Gresham: Looks lovely
[20:44:43] David Howard: it looks really good
[20:44:53] Chris Clarke: wow
[20:44:59] David Howard: fucking hell!
[20:45:04] Chris Clarke: mario kart x 10
[20:45:18] David Howard: mario kart for the PS3!
[20:45:26] Nick Gresham: With UGC
[20:45:38] David Howard: track was made
[20:45:46] David Howard: very easy to use
[20:46:03] David Howard: wow
[20:46:14] Lorcan Steve Henry: It’s my childhood dream come true!
[20:46:24] David Howard: this could be MASSIVE!
[20:46:45] Nick Gresham: So good!
[20:46:50] Chris Clarke: LBP + MArio Kart = Mod Nation Racers
[20:46:53] David Howard: it seems to easy
[20:46:56] David Howard: to accessible
[20:46:57] David Howard: fun
[20:47:06] David Howard: casual yet hardcore!
[20:47:27] Murdo Connochie: nice effects
[20:47:31] Chris Clarke: Far Cry 2
[20:47:48] Lorcan Steve Henry: thats even easier than LBP!
[20:48:13] Nick Gresham: No need to be as deep as LBP so it’s much easier
[20:48:26] Greg Aldridge: even i could make a level with that!
[20:48:43] Chris Clarke: This is actually awesome!
[20:48:47] colossalblue: no sponge or string for Chris
[20:48:51] Nick Gresham: lol
[20:48:53] Chris Clarke: lol
[20:49:14] David Howard: SHEEP!
[20:49:25] Murdo Connochie: PETA will be angry again
[20:49:48] David Howard: lighting is incredible!
[20:49:53] Lorcan Steve Henry: fantastic
[20:50:00] Lorcan Steve Henry: screw joy ride! :P
[20:50:16] David Howard: sony have literally raped MS with everything
[20:50:37] Nick Gresham: Literally
[20:50:45] Chris Clarke: If I could have dreamed of a great Sony conference it wouldn’t have come close to this!
[20:50:54] Nick Gresham: I know!
[20:51:01] Murdo Connochie: no ps3 slim yet
[20:51:04] Nick Gresham: Champers all round!
[20:51:12] David Howard: i’m surprised at the lack of heavy rain and GoW3 so far
[20:51:17] David Howard: out in 2010

On The Last Guardian…

[20:51:54] Nick Gresham: The Last guardian
[20:51:56] colossalblue: This is fucking unbelievable
[20:52:10] Chris Clarke: to use a popular internet acronym
[20:52:12] Chris Clarke: OMG
[20:52:25] Greg Aldridge: the last guardian!
[20:52:29] David Howard: holy hell thats so much better than what we saw…
[20:52:32] David Howard: like OMG!
[20:52:35] Murdo Connochie: is this the old one
[20:52:40] David Howard: no!
[20:52:40] colossalblue: ZOMG
[20:52:46] Murdo Connochie: you sure
[20:52:47] David Howard: this looks 1000times better
[20:52:48] colossalblue: !!1!
[20:52:57] Nick Gresham: Much better!
[20:52:57] Chris Clarke: far more detail
[20:52:59] David Howard: it may be the same thing, but this is not the same engine
[20:53:03] colossalblue: much more texture and post work done on it
[20:53:38] Lorcan Steve Henry: creature has way more detail
[20:53:44] Lorcan Steve Henry: boy, not so much
[20:54:05] Nick Gresham: Art style isn’t it
[20:54:12] David Howard: just wow
[20:54:17] Greg Aldridge: the detail and animation!!!! OMG!!!
[20:54:41] Nick Gresham: Lighting’s amazing
[20:54:45] Lorcan Steve Henry: stunning

On GT5…

[20:57:57] Murdo Connochie: please be damage
[20:57:58] Chris Clarke: only.on.playstation
[20:58:10] David Howard: damage!
[20:58:16] Nick Gresham: WRC, NASCAR, TOCA all in one game
[20:58:20] Nick Gresham: Excellent
[20:58:22] Murdo Connochie: damage indeed
[20:58:33] David Howard: *drools*
[20:58:39] Chris Clarke: YEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!

On God Of War 3…

[21:00:34] David Howard: how is that ingame?!
[21:00:39] David Howard: how?
[21:01:07] Murdo Connochie: fluid cutscenes again
[21:01:13] colossalblue: Jaffe was right about this
[21:01:55] Murdo Connochie: nice boobs
[21:02:01] Nick Gresham: lol
[21:02:17] Chris Clarke: Are they real?
[21:02:23] Nick Gresham: Wings?
[21:02:32] Murdo Connochie: wings indded
[21:02:36] Nick Gresham: What happened there?
[21:03:22] David Howard: brutal
[21:03:49] Nick Gresham: QTE!
[21:03:58] Nick Gresham: Nasty
[21:03:59] Lorcan Steve Henry: it’s insides came out!
[21:04:05] David Howard: i dont care when it looks so good
[21:04:08] Murdo Connochie: lovely blood
[21:04:11] Chris Clarke: I’m about 30 secs behine you
[21:04:23] Nick Gresham: Sorry for spoiling it
[21:04:26] Nick Gresham: :P
[21:04:34] Murdo Connochie: helpful hints
[21:04:34] Chris Clarke: nothing could spoil this
[21:04:38] Greg Aldridge: gotta love intestines
[21:04:59] colossalblue: Is lava man helping?
[21:05:04] David Howard: no clue
[21:05:18] Nick Gresham: he’s just making a mess
[21:05:19] David Howard: i can’t get over how good this looks…..
[21:05:26] Greg Aldridge: think helios is helping
[21:05:30] Murdo Connochie: take them out
[21:05:39] Lorcan Steve Henry: owned
[21:05:47] Murdo Connochie: fist him!
[21:06:00] Nick Gresham: lol
[21:06:03] David Howard: BRUTAL KILL!
[21:06:03] Lorcan Steve Henry: the guy playig looks really angry
[21:06:20] David Howard: march 2010
[21:06:27] Nick Gresham: extra 20 min gameplay.
[21:06:32] Nick Gresham: 2010 :(
[21:06:32] Murdo Connochie: what next
[21:06:41] Nick Gresham: Heavy Rain?
[21:06:47] Lorcan Steve Henry: Ratchet!
[21:06:51] Murdo Connochie: end?
[21:06:51] Lorcan Steve Henry: where is he?
[21:07:09] Lorcan Steve Henry: very good
[21:07:12] Chris Clarke: Finito
[21:07:23] David Howard: That
[21:07:24] David Howard: Was
[21:07:26] David Howard: Incredible

On The Ending…

[21:07:33] Nick Gresham: I want to lick his face
[21:08:05] Nick Gresham: Holy crap that was amazing
[21:08:25] colossalblue: fuck me.
[21:08:33] colossalblue: I have to go and try to write all that shit up now…
[21:08:41] Lorcan Steve Henry: wow
[21:08:44] colossalblue: cheers guys.
[21:08:50] Lorcan Steve Henry: Amazing
[21:08:52] David Howard: good luck :P
[21:08:56] Lorcan Steve Henry: yes! Goodluck!
[21:09:05] Chris Clarke: The most amazing 2 hours of Internet time ever
[21:09:10] Lorcan Steve Henry: try not die of excitement mid typing

And to conclude…

[21:14:46] Liam Bull: need a piss, excitement has got me

I don’t know how you felt during the show, but for us (as you can see) it was emotional. Sony, without a shadow of a doubt, kicked arse just then. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did…