Playstation Motion Controller Unveiled

The Wii has it’s Motion+ and the 360 has Natal, but don’t feel left out because Sony have just announced the brand new Playstation Motion Controller. It’s been long rumoured that this was on it’s way and to be perfectly honest, I was not looking forward to it. I pictured a Wii controller and the PS3 being bombarded with annoying casual games, but today, all those fears were put to rest. The “wand” controller will be here in 2010 and it’s better than any of us could have imagined it would be.

Following Project Natal’s unveil, nobody thought that Sony could top it. Spielberg had everyone believing that the future had no controller and Twitter went wild. Sony however, have just shown us that this may not actually be true. Early reports of Natal seem to say that it works, but as the demo showed, painting was made up of a lot of swiping and splashing. The movements were precise, but there was no way for the camera to know when you wanted your brush on the page and when you were just moving around. As of now, the camera simply cannot read your mind and know when you want to do something, with a press of a button however, it can. This is what the PSMC gives us and the movements here were so fine and accurately picked up in the demo that I was left with my jaw open. Writing on a screen might not sound like the most amazing thing ever, but really, it’s fantastic.

The PSMC combines the best of both worlds. The 1:1 precision and button pressing of the Wiimote plus and the 3D space tracking of Natal. I could detail what was demoed, but really, it has to be seen to be believed. Once you get past the slight awkwardness of the talking at the start, get ready to let you’re jaw drop, the stuff on show here is amazing.

Impressed? You should be. Like I said though, it’s still all potential. It won’t be until I’m sitting playing a normal game and I suddenly get to pick up my wand and use it for something proper that I will be really impressed. Just like how the 360 has it’s Milo, I won’t be really excited until I can have the characters of Modern Warfare 2 ask me what I want them to do and listen to my instructions or read my nervous facial expression and see that I need some additional help.

I’m sure N4G will be filling with comparisons of the 3 technologies, so I’ll just get what I want to say out now. I like them all. I’d seen Motion+ before, I was impressed by Natal, but I was more impressed by PSMC. Microsoft seem to be following Nintendo and getting their motion controls out there to attract the casual market and play fun family minigames. Sony have their casual market already though with Buzz and Singstar so it’s great to see them talking about using the wand to instead enhance the type of games that “hardcore” gamers play.
Though whilst we wait for the potential to become reality, who fancies a game of Window Washer on Eyetoy Play?