More Arc Evidence

Wand, Gem, Arc, Motion Controller and now Arc again, with proof.

We Thought It Was Noah’s Ark?

Noah? Ark? Two-by-Two? Wand? Huh?

Arc & Natal Pricing Leaked?

Ubisoft’s top man reveals the rather reasonable pricing?

First Images of PS3 “Wand”?

Waggle with a bit more style…

Sony Accessorise “The Wand”

Thought Sony were going to keep it simple? Think again.

Resident Evil 5 In Motion

Resident Evil 5 is the second outing for Sony’s new motion controller.

The Wand & LBP In Action

As if by magic fantastic co-op opportunities appear.

Sony’s Motion Control: Exclusively Casual?

Why the Wand needs a friend and what Nintendo got right.

Sony Dishes New Wand Details

Want to know more about what you’ll be waving about in front of your TV? Motion this way.

Sony’s Gamescom 2009: What To Expect

New firmware, new games, new hardware…?

Sony Motion Control at Develop Conference 2009

The PS3’s ‘wand / 3D camera’ was showcased today at the ‘Develop 2009’ event. TSA evaluates.

Sony Don’t Need An Invisible Steering Wheel

The wand / 3D camera system gets even more confusing.

Playstation Motion Controller Unveiled

The Playstation gets a cross between Wii Motion+ and Project Natal. It’s also very good.