We Thought It Was Noah’s Ark?

Earlier today we rather splendidly waved our magic wand and came up with this interesting nugget of news. I wasn’t that impressed though, because I think “Wand” is a great name and is good for “waving magic wand” jokes, plus Arc sounds about as exciting as watching Avatar in 2D.  So, I had a chat with Nofi and said go and find something interesting about Arc, I mean Wand, I mean…oh, just go and find something interesting, will you?

And he did.  He found out that, contrary to what a rather popular book would have you believe, it’s not Noah that has exclusive rights to all things Ark, it is in fact Microsoft that has this Arc thing all sewn up. Well, it does say Arc with a little “TM” atop it. Could be Trademark, or could be Too Many, as in “I only said two of everything, Noah – three mice is just Too Many.”


What next for the PS3’s motion controller?