motion controller

Sony Speak Out On Motion Controller

It’ll have some “really awesome products”.

“Existing Franchises” to Get Arc Updates

Killzone? Uncharted? Noby Noby Boy?

More Arc Evidence

Wand, Gem, Arc, Motion Controller and now Arc again, with proof.

Sony Confirm Motion Controller Details And Launch

(Update) It’s real and it’s coming soon, but what’s the name?

We Thought It Was Noah’s Ark?

Noah? Ark? Two-by-Two? Wand? Huh?

PS3 Wand Gets A Name: Arc

Apparently Gem isn’t good enough anymore.

First PS3 Motion Controller Games Named?

Trademarks recently filed suggest we have four on the way.

First Images of PS3 “Wand”?

Waggle with a bit more style…

Sony Consider Motion Control “New Platform”

Existing franchises to get motion control.

Motion Controller Gets A List of Titles

Resident Evil, LittleBigPlanet, and is that Ape Escape?

Sony Dishes New Wand Details

Want to know more about what you’ll be waving about in front of your TV? Motion this way.