Sony Dishes New Wand Details

It’s Saturday people. Saturday morning to be precise and I’m sure that many of you are experiencing the consequences of your motions from last night. Sony would like to let you know about a different kind of motion all together with new details of their still officially unnamed motion controller. Richard Marks is so very excited (or not) to bring you more news on what exactly Sony are getting themselves into with their own take on this new super accurate controller.

I don’t know about you lot, but we’re excited to say the least. The accuracy still looks stunning every time we see this demoed and blows away the competition. The analogue trigger and rumble are pretty obvious features but we’re still unsure if it’s use in the more hardcore titles is going to be possible without more input methods. Unless they bring out half a Dual Shock it’s going to be pretty unwieldy having to hold and use a standard controller with one hand.


The ball is now in the developers park. We hope to see these devices, combined with the PS3’s power, put to good use. Wii HD? Sorry Ninty. Looks like Sony beat you to the punch.

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