Motion Controller Gets A List of Titles

It’s been a while, but we finally have a list of titles for Sony’s motion controller. We were told at E3 that TGS would be the next time that we saw it in motion (pardon the pun) and last night’s conference did not disappoint.

First of all, Jun Takeuchi came to show off a Director’s Cut of Resident Evil 5 which uses the wand and Dualshock 3 in unison to control the characters and shoot onscreen enemies. Think Resident Evil 4 on the Wii (which was said to be better than the original due to its control scheme), but instead of a nunchuck, you use your standard controller. The new edition of the game will be released in Spring 2010 which places it alongside the actual controller in terms of release windows. Along with the new controls, new “requested features” will be included in the game. What these features are will be revealed later in the day.


Also on show was a version of LittleBigPlanet which had two players sharing the control in the game. One held the wand and the other held a Dualshock 3. The wand was used to directly manipulate the environment whilst the other player controlled Sackboy. The wand essentially stood in for a pointer to grab things and lift them, spin them and generally interact with them.

Finally, the conference revealed an exciting list of games which will work with the controller.

Ape Escape
Echochrome 2
Eccentric Slider
Sing and Draw
Champions of Time
Motion Party
The Shoot
Hustle Kings
High Velocity Bowling

The first eight titles look new to me, and quite exciting when you consider the top one, though the bottom five will be receiving the control scheme through a network update. I think it’s fantastic to see Sony backing the new controller with such a wealth of new and old titles. Though is a motion controlled LBP or Resi 5 something you want? Let the discussion begin!