Resident Evil 5

WeView Verdict: Resident Evil 5

Is zombie smooshing still cool?

WeView: Resident Evil 5

Time to kill some zombies.

Inafune Teases Resident Evil 6

Expect a formal announcement soon.

Resi 5 Getting Move At Launch

Patch coming September 19th in the States.

Why Resident Evil 5 Standard Has No Move

Movin’ on up, movin’ on out.

Resi Evil 5 Ready For 3D

And Lost Planet 2, too.

Desperate Escape Out Now

Resident Evil 5 gets DLC.

Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition Trailer

And matching box art. Bling Bling!

Resident Evil 5: Alternate Edition

The votes are in, will it be DLC or boxed?

News Snatch: Controllers & Adverts

Gaming news from down the back of the internet. Todays Snatch (sponsored by Crispy Pancakes) has 50% extra free!

Resident Evil 5 In Motion

Resident Evil 5 is the second outing for Sony’s new motion controller.

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