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Yesterday I said there were two games tied in the poll for WeView, and you’ve probably guessed by now that one of them was Resident Evil 5. What’s the other one you ask? Well you’ll have to wait till next week to find that one out.

Anyway, onto Resident Evil 5. There’s a bit of a snag this week; not only have I not played Resident Evil 5, I’ve barely played any Resident Evil games. I have a brief recollection of playing the first Resident Evil for a few minutes on my PlayStation but I’m useless beyond that. I don’t even have a lot of knowledge on survival horror games; Dino Crisis is the only one I’ve played with any real passion and that was almost entirely due to the presence of dinosaurs.

Basically this is a round about way of saying that I’m almost entirely in the hands of Peter’s review of Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition this week. That very review gave the game, or at least the gold edition of it, 8/10, so it would seem that Peter found some things to like.

Amongst the game’s high points was the sound design, which he praised for “scraping and shuffling noises [that] make you think twice before you turn a corner and sinister, grating music that is slightly unsettling.” While he did say that good sound design is “to be expected from this series,” it did seem that he was fairly taken by it.

He was also fond of the game’s protagonists, saying that not only were they likeable but had great character models, noting that they were “more human than most action shooters and more robust than most survival horror leads,” and also found time to highlight the variation in the game’s enemies. However, he did find that the game’s movement created a real problem.

He called the fact that you can’t move and shoot the game’s biggest concern, saying that it was “cumbersome for the uninitiated” and “strange to those of us who have been playing more than our fair share of third person action shooters and FPS games.” Fortunately he did find that “within an hour or so the controls become natural and even add to the experience by providing extra tension” but it’s still not a great opening gambit from the game.

Despite other problems he found with the game’s AI, it does seem that Peter was pretty pleased with the overall experience of Resident Evil 5. The question, of course, is whether or not you were. Would you rather that Resident Evil games stayed firmly in the survival horror zone, or did you like the push that Resident Evil 5 made towards more action based gameplay? Did the controls frustrate you for longer than Peter, or did you get to grips quickly?

Wherever your opinion on the game falls you can share it by dropping a comment below. Remember to add a rating to the game from the Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It, Avoid It scale, and to get it in by Sunday afternoon if you want to take part in Monday’s verdict article.



  1. It’s a massive disappointment and is the worst in the main series. I remeber it being 100% focused on action and a large amount of QTEs. Wesker was a bit crap and if you’ve played MGS4, you will begin to wonder if Capcom just got lazy and decided to copy a certain fight from it. Sheva had a tendecy to use all of your ammo up thus forcing you to use melee. Good thing that Chris is Resident Evil’s version of the hulk. ;) The final boss fight was just underwhelming and seems a bit forced. Can’t remeber much about the plot. Remeber that you could buy weapons and ammo after the level was completed thus eliminating the last bit of tension the game had. Twas 6-8 hours long as i completed it in one session. :-/ It’s been 2years+ since i’ve last played it due to me trading it in so i would give it a RENT IT or BARGAIN BIN it if you are a fan of the series. If you are not and want to play a decent zombie game, would suggest the earlier games.

    • Man we couldn’t be further apart in our estimations of how long the story lasted.
      Time is relative, I guess, or maybe me and my mate were just rubbish at it ;-)

      • I completed it on the same day that i had recieved it. :o Wasn’t rushing through it. Are you a zombie as that would explain why it took you 40+ hours to do the single player. :p

      • Possibly so,
        I can only imagine, we took way too many fag and tea breaks and died way too much, artificially extended the play-through time.

    • The main story is a snifter under 12 hours on average. Speed runs are down in the 7 to 8 hours area. Completionists are banging out over 30 hours!


      • Oh well… a post for Adam to tidy up. Ahem. Sorry! :) Link still works. ;) Think this is working now…


      • Managed to get a speed run down to 3 hours a few weeks ago. Granted that is skipping all cutscenes and using the infinite Magnum/RPG but still :D

  2. Good game that becomes a great game when you go through it on local multiplayer. There’s I’d reckon at least 30-40 hours of campaign that a friend and I worked through. it was fantastic up until the very very last boss. we pummeled him full of bullets, unaware that all we had to do was lead him to the top of a ramp to kick off the checkpoint then pummel him with bullets. Well by the time we had done that we were completely out of bullets, no money and the checkpoint had saved us with no bullets at all, so even if we were to restart the level we were left with smoke grenades and a knife to kill the final boss….needless to say we didn’t even bother
    Up till then though it was a great 40-ish hours, BARGAIN BIN IT

    • Fun fact, I found recently you can kill the final boss without doing the ramp bit if you have the infinite RPG. Soon as that section starts just spam rockets until the ending cutscene plays.
      What makes it so legendary is it means you dont have to do the “Sheva holding on while frantically button bashing” or the infamous “boulder punch” bits (both of which are an arse on Professional). Saves a load of time and effort! :D

  3. Quite enjoyed it, never finished it though, got stuck on the last boss battle. I have the Gold edition on my HD thanks to PS+ so intend to go throught it again soon. Rent it.

  4. Oooo this will be a doozy…!

    Resident Evil is my favourite gaming series. There isn’t even a close second place. The first game I played was the REmake back on the Ninty Gamecube and I remember falling in love with its great atmosphere and strong focus on basic survival. Plus the graphics were (and still are) absolutely stunning.

    As such, you would think that I would hate RE5 due to its stronger focus on action and complete disregard for the whole “survival horror” aspect, but the truth is I’ve actually played through it more times than I have any other RE title. Why? Simply put, the game is a lot of fun, especially when played with a friend.

    From the great visuals to the satisfying “over shoulder” combat, RE5 is a game I can fire up at any time and just enjoy it. Granted the infamous “tank controls” take a bit of getting used to (particularly since playing RE6 and Revelations) but they don’t really take any enjoyment away from what is ultimately a very solid third person adventure, featuring great pacing and a number of stand out moments.

    If you are looking for an enjoyable co-op shooter, RE5 comes highly recommended from me :) BUY IT

  5. It’s not survival-horror, nor is it an amazing action game. Resi 5 is, however, greater than the sum of its parts. It’s just fun to play, especially with a human partner in the same room. As a fan of the Resident Evil universe, the setting and content overcame a lot of the technical issues. I would say BUY IT, but I’ve seen it available for around £10 which I think should qualify as a bargain bin price.

  6. Rent it.. Quite enjoyed it with my gf she was so into it but we never did finish it like Tuff said its free on ps+ so I see Boxing Day as an opportunity to finish it.

    Rent it

  7. I prefer the stiffy movements over the unnaturally quick turning which was used in RE6. I also want to point that the nightmares dlc is also great fun. I played both dlc missions through on hardest difficulty with my friend and it was really fun. Of course the other dlc is plain straight shooting action but still….

    Story wise, the game doesn’t really make any more sense than the rest of series, but it is definetely better than the usual go there shoot that FPS games have. Of course the action could be better and not so over the top that it is completely unnatural. Not that the game would be natural in any other aspect…

  8. I never seem to get on with Capcom games, bar Streetfighter 4 of course. The controls and menus are always so backwards, I never get used to them. I have Bionic Commando, Dark Void and Dead Rising 2, all of which I’ve played for a maximum of 30 mins each. Resident Evil 5 was slightly better. I managed to play for about 4 hours before losing interest and giving up. I really wanted to enjoy it, but it’s the only Resident Evil game I’ve ever played and it’s put me off for life. Avoid.

  9. Hated it when I played it the first time.
    Seemed waaay too clunky for my liking.
    Downloaded again as part of ps+, will blast through it on easy I think, still not impressed though!


  10. Recently played through this for a second time thanks to PS+.

    Having not really enjoyed it the first time through it was a pleasant surprise second time around. That may have been thanks to help from a friend online. We had mic’s and he was VERY good at it, so he did a lot of reviving.

    The gold edition has some fairly short DLC with it too, which gives a bit more depth to the story. Defintiely worth a playthrough.

    The online versus modes are just awful in my opinion – but that may be because I’m not very good at the mechanics of the game.

    I say BARGAIN BIN IT, provided you have someone to play with.

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