Why Resident Evil 5 Standard Has No Move

When Capcom announced that only ‘Gold Edition’ Resident Evil 5 would support PlayStation Move there was an audible “humph!” from gamers across the globe. If they can patch the Gold Edition to support Move why can they not patch the standard version of the game?

It turns out there is a technical explanation; For the game to support PlayStation Move it requires certain resources from the PS3 and this case the problem is lack of memory space.


When the original version of Resident Evil 5 was developed the team were unaware of Move so used all the memory for the game. When Capcom got their hands on Move they recoded the game to free up resources  for the Gold Edition, hence that version can be patched.

Hypothetically (and let me just state this is my opinion based on what I know about coding),  the standard version of Resi 5 could be ‘patched’ but as it seems like Capcom had to do a major recode of the game to fit in Move this would mean the ‘patch’ would be huge, possibly even  full download of the game.  A four gig patch on the PSN would cost Capcom and Sony both money and bandwidth so makes no financial sense.

Look at this way – Gold Edition Resident Evil 5 supports Move, something we should be cheering about rather complaining about, Capcom could of easily decided not to support motion control at all.

Source: SiliconEra



  1. I agree, the plusses ?! outweigh the negatives.I have just ordered a copy of the gold edition from shopto for less than 15 quid. Now off to game to see what i can get trade in for resi5 standard. If I get more than a quid, I’ll be surprised! :D

    • I think they still sell it for around 15-20quid (you know how much game charge!!) so i think you will be pleasently suprised how much you get. I would guess 5-6quid :)

    • can you use normal res evil 5 saves with the gold edition?

  2. If, as is rumoured, RE5 is going to join the platinum/classics range; it will be less than a tenner by the time Move is released.

  3. well it will be nice to get some cash back out of it, and have all the extra modes etc. maybe it will be dropping in price, just fancied having it from the off! :)plus my first purchase with a tsa link through! :D

  4. Last sentence should be capcom could HAVE easily decided – sorry but that one massively bugs me. I hate pointing these things out but i just had to do it.

    • You are entirely correct, however I refer you to Sir Stephen Of Fry who, on this subject stated that language is constantly evolving and of/have are entirely interchangeable now. As we all know Sir Stephen is the cleverest person in the unverse, so whatever he says is correct.

      • “of” is bollocks, young man. Away with you!

      • Sorry. Good article, though. Shows us that Capcom had to get into Resi’s code at a nuts and bolts level and a patch was deemed close-to-impossible (or not logical).

  5. I didn’t realise this wouldn’t work on the original! Though it will be dead cheap by the time Move comes out. I’m off to try and trade this in before I get 50p for it!

  6. £19.99 and I am in….

  7. Don’t be ridiculous, you could replace the entirity of a game’s code in a couple of hundred megabytes, most disc space is taken up by art and sound assets.

    • How much of the chracters movement, gun shots, animation of enemies and such is stored in the RAM though.

      • none are stored in the RAM until needed by the game.

      • But if the designers decided to have it all of the characters movements stored in RAM so as to reduce controller lag then wouldn’t that require more than a patch.

  8. There’s no way I’m celebratin’. I bought the CE steelbook with a view to keeping it. Plus I already bought all of the DLC. Surely there could be some kind of compromise.

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