Echochrono/Replay Revealed For PSP

During Sony’s E3 2009 presentation, they showed a few montages of upcoming games. Some titles were not formally announced at the time (see the PSP Go’s mysterious new games article). But now the news has started to trickle in, with the revealing of project Echochrono or Replay on the PS Store today.

The game does not have an official title as yet. Instead, it has two working titles; Echochrono in the USA and Replay in Europe. It is a new game following on from the successful puzzler Echochrome. Based around the same character as the last game, players will have to go through each level more than once in order to progress. Each time a level is attempted, a new “ghost” of your previous efforts appears and users must try to use this to their advantage. It all sounds a bit confusing, but to help you out, we have embedded the video below (which is available to download from the PS Store now).


The game will feature 45 levels in total with the aim of finishing each level before a set time limit. Unlike Echochrome, which is entirely black and white, Echochrono/Replay adds a splash of colour to proceedings and the puzzles themselves seem to look all the more clever and time consuming. No word yet on the release date, price, or a PS3 version, but as soon as the TSA finds out, we will let you know.