Trophies Coming To The PSP?

We all know every PS3 game from now on must include trophies and with the PSP Go! coming in October it would be a prime time for Sony to introduce PSP trophies. Well they have actually realised this and recent videos on YouTube showing Socom: Fire Team Bravo 3 being played in Mama’s Tamales Cafe (never been there, must go during the summer) in LA during a pre-E3 Sony event have started the wild fire for rumours.

Take a look at this video, in fact skip ahead to around 3:40 where you will see a box appear in the top right of the PSP screen. Could this be a trophy? There is definitely something trophy shaped and the guy playing seems to think so. Maybe Sony just didn’t have enough time to squeeze this in during their breathtaking E3 conference.

Tip: g0ld3r