Lost Planet 2 Announced for PS3

It was a throwaway line midway through the fantastic Sony press conference, but it was also a crucial one. Lost Planet 2 will be coming to the Playstation 3.

Fans of the original were nervous when all media regarding the sequel so far, carried only the Xbox 360 logo but all fears can be put to rest as the game will be gracing our console sometime next year. Whilst the shoot-the-orange-weak-spot gameplay wasn’t for everyone, I loved the title and even went far enough that I bought the game to play on my friend’s Xbox. The gameplay will reportedly remain similar to the original but with a new emphasis on co-op and squad based play. Locations will also be much more varied this time around with more urban and tropical environments to battle through as well as the traditional snow. Videos and screens so far have been stunning and I can’t wait to see more.

Who says we lose all the exclusives?