PSP Puzzle Solved

Yesterday evening, we posted an article on TSA called “PSP Go’s Mysterious New Games”. During Sony’s E3 presentation, they showed a compilation video of new games for the PSP, some of which had not been announced. Well now we can reveal what those games actually are how close we really were.

Today, project Echochrono/Repeat was revealed (read the article here). The UK’s Official PlayStation Magazine Twittered last night that Fat Princess is indeed making its way to PSP and will be called Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake. Now we have more details about the title. There will be 6 PSP exclusive levels, an extended single players campaign and 4 all-new game modes entitled; Grim Ripper, Dilapidated, Demolition and Jailbreak. It will also support local and online multiplayer for up to 8 players. The emphasis of the PSP game seems to be more on the single player aspect, whereas the PS3 version’s main draw is its 32 player online mode.


Two down, two to go. As we predicted, the tennis game is indeed Everybody’s Tennis (or Hot Shots Tennis in the States). Following on from the successful Everybody’s Golf series, developers Clap Handz will release Everybody’s Tennis exclusively on the PSP. There will be a range of zany characters, colourful courses and fun unlockable items, alongside single and multiplayer modes for 1 to 4 players. No online mode has been announced yet and neither has a release date.

The final game we commented on was a title that was seemingly similar to the Eye of Judgement PS3 game. It turns out to be yet another new PSP exclusive game called Invizimals. Taking advantage of the PSP Go! Cam (a camera peripheral for the console), the game makes you follow a tracking noise around your own house. Once you are in the right place, you place the “trap” (a piece of cardboard) which the camera will identify it and create a mythical monster.

From there you can interact with the monster using your hands, with the aim of capturing it. You can also blow on your PSP to cause a snow storm, shake create an earth quake or cast a shadow over the camera to cause a lightning strike. Online play is supported, as is a 2 player battle against a friend’s PSP.

All clever stuff, but will this work with the PSP Go? There is no official word yet from Sony if it will. Looking at the new PSP Go, it would seem that there is no attachment on the top for the Go! Cam and even if there is, then surely it would prevent the screen from sliding properly. Despite it being called the Go! Cam, it may not work on the PSP Go and Invizimals may only be playable on an older PSP.

Check out the new video below and please comment on what you think on the rush of new PSP games. TSA will be bringing you all the latest details on these titles as soon as possible and be sure to check the site for any updates.

Via Kotaku & IGN