E3 Press Conference on US Store

Overnight the US PlayStation Store has been updated with videos of Sony’s E3 press conference.  So if you are eager to watch it on your HD TV in 720p rather than squinting at a muddy, streamed video feed tucked into the corner of your computer’s screen, you now can as long as you have a US PSN account.  No sign of it on the EU store yet but maybe it will form part of today’s update.

Another video that has gone up on the US Store is part one of a special E3 edition of PULSE.  The delightful Christina Lee hosts the video “featuring highlights and previews on all of the important PlayStation announcements”.  Part two tomorrow we guess.

Get ready to consume some serious bandwidth though if you are going to download these.  The press conference is split into three parts of 1389MB, 1513MB and 1771MB.  Pressumably because Ms Lee is much slimmer than Jack Tretton (and because the video is shorter) PULSE weighs in at only 763MB for the 1080p version and 449MB for the 720p one.

As an aside, we notice that the E3 section of the US PSN Store has been given a special background, that combines with the newer glassy look to make to items in list, not grid, view practically unreadable.  Come on Sony, translucent panels with white text against a mostly white background?  It is not good for our eyes at this time of the morning.