SOCOM, inFamous Home Spaces Coming

We already knew about Buzz (have done for about a year, I think) but the photo above (credit: stupidnick79809, PSForums) from E3 suggests we’re also going to get Home Spaces for inFamous, Fight Night Round 4, Ghostbusters and SOCOM.

The Ghostbusters space is an apartment and the Fight Night simply a boxing ring add-on to the existing (and clearly expandable) EA Sports Complex. The SOCOM Space and the inFamous Space both contain mini-games (much like the Resistance one).

Naturally we don’t have dates for these, or even confirmation that we’ll see the Spaces here in Europe, but it’s clear that there will be some really cool new areas to visit soon, especially if SCEE hold true to their earlier promise of focusing on the Spaces rather than the microtransactions.

Via GAF.