UK PSPgo Pricing Revealed?

Given the leak of the PSPgo at the weekend, the only thing announced about it during Sony’s E3 press conference that surprised us was the announcement of the price, $249.99.  That is the same price as the original PSP-1000 at launch.

For those of you in the Eurozone, there is expected to be a fairly straightforward 1:1 dollars to euros conversion.  Here in the UK we have been left wondering how the plummeting pound would affect what we pay.

Well, thanks to GAME (via both their and websites) we can now make an educated guess.  For early pre-order interest they are pricing the PSPgo at £229.99.  So far, only the black model and not the white one has been listed.  They caution that these prices are only a guide and may change before launch.

We know that Sony are positioning the PSPgo as the “premium” member of the PSP family but is it really worth £90 more than a PSP-3000 or £130 more than a PSP-2000?  Come October, sales of the new handheld will tell the story.

At least lets hope that GAME’s pricing is more accurate than’s, as they are listing it using the consumer electronic industry’s traditional 1:1 dollar to pound ratio.  We would like a PSPgo but at £249.99 and therefore £110 more than a PSP-3000?  That price may be enough to convince us that going UMD-less is not worth it.