Metal Gear Solid: Rising Now Officially On PS3

Yes, the never ending saga of Hideo Kojima and his Metal Gear franchise continues to roll on. Despite Microsoft hinting at exclusivity and getting Kojima on stage to announce the title during its press conference, Konami has confirmed tonight that it will be on the PS3 too and not exclusive to the 360.

They also reiterated that Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on PSP will be the definitive sequel and not Metal Gear: Rising, which will be some sort of spin-off. Also, Kojima stated that the new game will be developed by a team of “young” members of staff.  Still no gameplay footage of the title yet, but we have posted the teaser trailer below for your viewing pleasure.


Oh, and the storm on the Kojima teaser site? Well, it was meant to represent the current economic climate and how he believes that games will “clear up the storm”.

What do you all think to Kojima’s constant teasing? What will Metal Gear Solid: Rising be about? Please leave your comments below and TSA will update you on all the latest news as soon as we get it.

Via Joystiq