Platinum Games Developing Metal Gear Rising

The VGA trailer for Metal Gear Rising (note the lack of ‘Solid’) has been leaked, confirming Platinum Games as developer. Previous games by Platinum include Bayonetta and Vanquish.

The trailer was nuked almost immediately, however I’ve seen it and it’s as far from a stereotypical Metal Gear game as you can possibly get. Very Bayonetta-like.


We’ve added some screencaps of the trailer above, to give you a taste of just how sharp Raiden’s blade is.  Yes, that’s a Metal Gear he’s slicing through whilst jumping into the air and being terribly fancy.  Snake would not be impressed.

It also combines “revenge” and “vengeance” into ‘revengeance’, which is… neat? No doubt we will have the official trailer later on during the VGAs.

Source: NeoGAF

Update: added screencaps [nofi]

Update 2: Official trailer added



  1. This guy popped it on his twitvid account –

    Looks like an OTT cheesefest to me.

    • Whilst I always felt Metal Gear was overrated, that trailer was shockingly bad, and I saw nothing to connect it to the series other than the name.

      • true fans stop paying attention to MGS after MGS4… This is just trying to whore out the name for sales. sad really.

  2. I’ll only get this because it’s Metal Gear but in all honestly I’m a little disappointed with corny the whole thing looked…

  3. wtf did i just watch this game looks like vanquish even the bad guy looks like the guy from vanquish but then again its raiden

    But why didnt they make him like mgs 2: he was cool then didnt like the lblonde gay look but he was a sweet looking dude

  4. looks terrible :/ im really worried with the direction some of my favourite franchises are taking, i know this isnt a fully fledged MGS title but still its just embarrassing.

  5. That is not Metal Gear! It’s a massive dump on the MGS franchise. And it seems to be rebooting the MGS universe. FFS, we don’t want DMC/GOW/Bayonetta:Metal Gear edition. We want a MGS(or MG) game. Why are the franchises i love turning into crap? First it was DMC now MGS. :-( I really hope it’s a fake leak just to avoid ruining the surprise.

    • exactly well said. DMC they have ruined what have they done to Dante ?!

    • But it’s not MGS it’s MGR :P

    • Its a spin-off, this is METAL GEAR…not Solid which is great >.> I think it looks great, really excited.

      • But it doesn’t fit in with the MG universe as Metal Gear was realistic(well apart from the Metal Gears, and some of the super natural stuff). It looks like nothing that you expect in a MG game. :( I suppose i will enjoy it but probably feel dirty for playing it at the same time.

  6. somewhere in there is Microsoft money

    • Where?

    • You do realise that MG:Rising is coming out on both PS3 and Xbox? I don’t understand what you mean by MS money. O-o

  7. On the one hand, I loved Bayonetta and I liked Vanquish, so it could be in worse hands than Platinum.
    Having said that, THAT was not Metal Gear. Platinum is gonna leave a lot of people confused, mad or most likely both.
    But like I said, it’s Platinum, so I’m sceptical but cautiously optimistic.

  8. Awful

    • Thought it looked fine, although I adored Bayonetta. Well, on 360 anyway.

      • This has _nothing_ on Bayonetta.

      • True enough, but I’d still prefer this style. Or AC!D’s.

  9. wtf? This leaves me a little sad inside. It has taken quite a sidestep even since the last trailer. What a cheese fest.

    • Agreed, that first trailer was awesome whereas this looks just terrible. Really disappointing… :(

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