Metal Gear Solid: Rising Gets a New Producer

Looking forward to slicing up watermelons while dressed like a bondage-loving cyborg ninja? I bet you are. Still, what you do on your weekends is your own business, I’m here to talk about Metal Gear Solid: Rising.

The game has been something of an enigma since its initial announcement back at E3 in 2009. We know it features Raiden as the main protagonist and we know it’s more action based than previous stealth/stealth-action/mostly-just-shooting-and-hiding-in-the-odd-oil-drum instalments.


Latest news coming from Kojima Productions’ Kenichiro Imaizumi Twitter feed (and translated by Andriasang) is that the game has switched producers. Shigenobu Matsuyama has moved to another project within the company and been replaced by Yuji Korekado who has been getting some praise in recent interviews with Kojima.

What does this mean for Rising? Who knows, Korekado is not well known outside of Kojima Productions, aside from programming credits on the main MGS titles since Guns of the Patriots. I just hope he knows his watermelons.

The game is due for another little bit of a reveal during the Spike TV Exclusive Trailer and Advertising Show VGAs next month and Hideo Kojima is on the cover of the next Official PlayStation Magazine so we’d expect some little hints out of that too.

Source: Twitter, Andriasang and IMDb mostly via VG247



  1. Is Yuji Korekado now Hideo Kojima’s apprentice he’s been tweeting about a while ago? I know he was asked to try and train new potential candidates so that he could pass on his knowledge and legacy.

    Can’t wait for Rising, even if you do have to control Raiden again!

  2. Equally excited for this AND the HD collection! :D
    real glad it didn’t come out in november, far too many games will make it underlooked

  3. I always though Izaimuri himself was the guy that was going to take over MGS. Looks like Kojima will never let it go, though.

    • Sorry, Imaizumi. Damn Japanese names!

  4. Kojima just make a PS3 only MGS5 for f…… :P

    • Its coming….hell drop the news when we all least expect it.

      • I think Kojima has said that MGS:Peace Walker is MGS5. :)

    • TBH I don’t want another MGS. MGS4 was the end for me and I don’t really see how there could be any more afterLiquid Ocelot more or less created the world without borders.

  5. red flags

  6. Agent VS Metal Gear Solid Rising

    the race continues

  7. Interesting. I hope Kojima has trained him well and that MGS:Rising turns out to be MGS not Hack n slash:MGS edition. Speaking of Rising, wasn’t it meant to be out this year?

  8. This pretty much means nothing to me, interest in rising though..

  9. What does this signify? That the previous producer wasn’t meeting expectations or that he was needed for another project (MGS5) and Rising is almost finished so they put this guy in charge to get some experience where he can’t do much harm?

    I’m looking forward to this, there just aren’t enough cyborg ninja games out there.

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