Metal Gear Solid: Rising

MGS Rising Menu Mock-ups Are Slicey

Multiplayer? Wishful thinking.

Complete Rising Without Killing

Violence without fatalities is an option.

Konami Gamescom Roundup

MGS, PES, DDR, DJ:R and other three letter acronyms.

Not Many MGS Characters Will Return In Rising

Newcomers welcome! Ph.Ds in nanotech not required!

MGS: Rising Gameplay

Destructive slicing.

Metal Gear Solid Rising’s Box-Art

You’d crack walnuts between those cheeks.

MGS: Rising & Crysis 2 ‘Dated’

Release schedule leak reveals all.

Metal Gear Solid Timeline Confuses Kojima

If he doesn’t understand it, what hope do we have?

Metal Gear Solid: Rising Now Officially On PS3

The Metal Gear Solid spin-off game officially comes to the PlayStation 3.