Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid Get 3D

During Sony’s press conference at the Tokyo Game Show, the company placed a heavy emphasis on PlayStation Move (which will ship in Japan next month) and on the PS3’s 3D capabilities. As well as dating the 3D Blu-ray-playing firmware 3.50 for next week, a whole slew of old and new games getting 3D support were revealed.

On top of the likes of Gran Turismo 5 and Killzone 3 that we already new about, Sony announced that the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV and Metal Gear Solid Rising will both support the technology, as will Disaster 4: Summer Memories.


Perhaps more surprisingly, patches will also be released to add 3D support to Everybody’s Golf 5 (2008’s “World Tour” here in Europe), and also PS3 launch title Ridge Racer 7. Well there’s something no-one was expecting.

Sources: Engadget, VG247



  1. RIDDDDDGE RACER!! easily one of best arcade racers love that series. I’m surprised that’s getting a 3D patch.

  2. Riiiiiiiiidge Racerrrrrrrr!

    3d can attack your weakpoint for massive wallet damage. Nah I’m just jostlin’ – it’s all good news for when I eventually get a 3dtv in a few years

  3. Oh … i thought you ment FF13 and MGS4

    • Yeah. Damn you for tricking us.

  4. Yes. Everybodies golf has been sat in my drawer for months (years) in the hope of a trophy patch. Hopefully with the 3d patch it will add trophies and maybe even move support. This is a gem of a game and if it was re-released as a move game it will easily outshine any wii golf game

    • I was more surprised we aren’t getting a new game, with all of that.

  5. I hope the sword slashing in MGSR is Move-supported. It would be one hell of a missed opportunity else.

  6. I’m just imagining now, playing Metal Gear Solid on my parents 40″ Samsung Series 8 TV in 3D. Bliss.

  7. Nice news. Very surprising about the Ridge Racer. 3D gaming is still too expensive for me to get into yet.

  8. I wish I had the money to buy a 3D tv, but I’m not getting one till the tech has at least gotten to 2 gen.

  9. hen they are patching the game will they release trophies for the game too?

  10. Sony have been working hard at pushing 3D forwards. It’s great news for early adopters.

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