Kojima Hiring For The “Next” MGS

Kojima Productions will be at this year’s GDC and are looking for engineers, artists and game creators to help create the “Next” Metal Gear Solid.

Further down in the advert it clearly states they are looking for “Project engineers for the latest Metal Gear Solid targeted for high-end consoles and PC.”


So there you go, new Metal Gear Solid confirmed and it’s coming to consoles and PC.

An additional job listing also refers to network engineers who have a ‘strong desire to create large-scale online games’, so it looks likes Metal Gear Next will have a multi player or co-op component.

There was also some sneaky artwork tucked away in the advert.

Source: Konami



  1. News of the day ! and tomorrow = PS VITA ! What a week….

  2. Sounds like a Metal Gear MMO, lets hope it won’t go the way of Final Fantasy XIV

  3. If it’s a MMO then i shall eat my copy of MGS4 out of protest. As MGS is not MMO material. I can’t see how another Big Boss game could work as they’ve pretty much covered everything. I suppose pre MGS3 would work but it would end up lacking a Metal Gear or something that is simular to a MG.

    Also, i really hope it won’t have a co-op feature as co-op stealh rarely works.

    • Pre MGS3 would be good, or what about doing something decent with the time between MGS3 and Peace walker? Portable Ops didn’t do much for me, apart give me cramp in my left hand!

      • Won’t be pre-MGS. That be Big Boss up there. This’ll be between Peace Walker and Metal Gear. I’m guessing this will be very close to Metal Gear, set in the 80’s leading up to when Big Boss establishes Outer Heaven.

        Will it bring conclusive proof that Maggie Thatcher was a Patriot AI?

    • I really hope it is another Big Boss game post Peace Walker, there was still so much they could of covered with him. Heck, I even remember once mentioning that it would be cool for the next main MGS to take place in the 80’s.

      Another game I would of liked to see was a pre-MGS3 where you play as The Boss in WWII.

  4. trust me steve mgs co op works and is a lot of fun peace walker was absolute co op gold

  5. Local coop would make me preorder a MGS game.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Leave the versus crap to COD and the like. Co-op missions on Peace Walker were refreshing and different.

  6. Oh well i guess it will be another 4 year wait then LoL So thats 4 years the last real home console MGS game came out(MGS4) + 4 years waiting for MGS5 = 8 years :D Hopefully it will be PS3 or PS4 only but it sounds like it will be on all consoles & PC. Shame that, i prefer Exclusive games :-/

  7. I’d prefer it if there were no MGS5.
    MSG4 was the final MG “Sold” game. Leave it.

  8. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaassssshhhhhhhhhhiiiitt….I am so happy. Sicker than sick.

    • It must have been a dodgy snake that you’ve eaten that is causing you to be sick. ;)

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