Sony Reveal Rockstar Exclusive

So the Xbox 360 may have a couple of timed exclusives on Grand Theft Auto IV DLC, but Sony have somewhat softened the blow by announcing a brand new IP developed by Rockstar exclusively for the PS3, fancy that, it’s just like the old day all over again. What is known about the title however could probably be written on a postage stamp, but it is Rockstar and it is a PS3 exclusive, so why not dedicate a whole TSA paragraph page to it.

The game is called Agent and is being developed by Rockstar North, the same team which bought us GTA. The title is set at the end of the 1970’s right at the height of the Cold War and will take players on a paranoid journey in the world of espionage, counter-intelligence and political assassinations.

From the lack of screen, trailers or any kind of footage I wouldn’t expect it to surface much before late 2010, but you never know, stay tuned into TSA for any information as and when we get it.