Splinter Cell: Conviction For PS3?

Just as we are reading about the fact the Square Enix may have left the door open to develop Final Fantasy XIV for the Xbox 360, there are whisperings that Splinter Cell: Conviction may not be the water tight Xbox 360 that Microsoft eluded to during their E3 presentation.

Joystiq are reporting on a few words they had with Splinter Cells developers on the E3 show floor, and it seems that the exclusivity of the title is only a timed one, similar to the Fallout 3 DLC exclusivity which was portrayed as ‘absolutely exclusive’ until recently and is appearing shortly on Sony’s black beauty.

In the conversation the game producer said that it was a ‘business arrangement’ with Microsoft when pushed on whether it was really a real exclusive, the lead game designer said it was “completely exclusive” but when asked if that was confirmation of a complete exclusive he responded with “that may change in the future”

So if I was to make a prediction, I think we’ll be seeing Splinter Cell: Conviction on the PS3 just as soon as the ‘business arrangement’ expires. Which is a good job because I thought that the title was the stand-out highlight of the Microsoft presentation, especially now the waters around the Project Natal are being muddied by disappointed ‘hands on’ reports saying that there is a whole world of difference between the pre-rendered video that Microsoft showed and the reality of what’s currently possible with the tech which is not dissimilar to the PS2 EyeToy style games.

Conviction featured amazing graphics with spectacular lighting effects (probably the best seen on a console so far)  and rock solid stealth gameplay, you can see what the fuss is about here, but you might want to skip to just past two minutes in to get to the actual great looking gameplay.

Source: Joystiq.