GTi Club+ Gets New Cars

We like GTi Club+, it’s a great racing game and a cute little PS3 exclusive produced by the smashing (hi!) guys at Sumo Digital. The only thing missing from the initial PSN release was some more up to date cars, so imagine our joy this morning when our inbox was bursting (yes, bursting) with four new screenshots of the much anticipated car pack.

The 335MB pack, available today, will set you back just €2.99, and adds four new vehicles to the game. The new vehicles include the new Abarth 500, BMW’s Mini Cooper, the Peugeot 207 GT and, fittingly, the VW Polo GTI. Each new car will boast individual handling, and are ideally suited to tearing around the game’s massive Cote D’Azur circuit.


If you’ve still not picked up the €9.99 GTi Club+ then perhaps today should be the day you do – the game is a slick 60fps arcade conversion of the classic Konami hit, but updated and upgraded to fun in 720p with sharper textures and, now, better cars. The game’s online mode is a fun diversion too, and although there’s only one main track the various routes and game modes more than compensate. The game features Trophies and PlayStation Eye functionality.

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