SingStar Update: 25/06/09

Over the weekend Take That played about a mile from TSA Towers.  I couldn’t hear the music, but I did see lots of women walking past the window with the names of the Take That chaps on their backs, with a fag in one hand and a bottle of Lambrini in the other.  Classy.  Anyway, it looks like the SingStar team are on the ball, as there’s a Take That track-pack this week.

Take That SongPack:

  • A Million Love Songs
  • Babe
  • It Only Takes A Minute
  • Never Forget
  • Pray

Ultimate Krezip SongPack (Local Benelux):

  • All Unsaid
  • Don’t Crush Me
  • Everything and More
  • I Would Stay
  • You San Say

In English:

In Finnish:

  • Neon 2 – “Tässä Talossa”

In French:

  • Cali – “Je M’en Vais”
  • Grégoire – “Toi + Moi”

In Portuguese:

  • Adriana Calcanhotto – “Fico Assim Sem Você”
  • Da Weasel – “Casa (Vem Fazer De Conta)”

A mixed bunch, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Via the EU Blog, YouTube links from GAF.