Team ICO’s Last Guardian Mystery

A couple of weeks ago TSA, along with the rest of the gaming world went E3 mad, at the event and during Sony’s presentation we got to see Team ICO’s The Last Guardian in all its glory, the game looked one of, if not the most beautiful games yet seen on a home console, and certainly looked amazingly different from the  pre-production ‘Project Trico’ footage which was shamelessly leaked before E3 possibly taking some of the gloss off of Sony’s announcement.

Anyway on with the mystery, most people know that Twitter is pretty useful when you want to know what someone else is having for lunch or more recently for breaking news quicker than Sky or the BBC can, but not everyone knows it’s also good for being a bit of a tease. Yesterday Team Ico Games Magazine – whilst referring to some Famitsu Magazine images, tweeted “The other is of the chain scene. You can see that there are some black feathers together with the grey ones. Wonder where they come from.”



From the footage we’ve seen it’s obvious the creature your character befriends isn’t black, so is there another creature? Perhaps one that isn’t quite so friendly, and would be only too willing to eat your up?

Who knows and we may have to wait some time before finding out, as I believe the Tokyo Games Show in October is where we’ll be seeing far more of the gorgeous looking, infamous ‘BBC game’ The Last Guardian. If like me you can’t wait four months to feast your eyes on it then remind yourself of how fantastic it looks by checking out the trailer again, as always hit the HQ button if your bandwidth permits you to. Let us know your theories on where the black feathers come from in the comments below.